Who doesn’t love unicorns?! They are so whimsical and fun! My daughters just love unicorns and I think every little girl on the planet has wished they had one as a pet at some time in their life. Did you? This free Unicorn Math Game Roll and Count Printable is an awesome counting game for preschoolers to help develop number sense. You can pair them up with a set of unicorn mini erasers to keep the magic flowing. Or you can use some pretty pink gems to count “unicorn dust.” Whichever option works for you, your kids will be thrilled with this counting activity for preschool!

unicorn counting roll and count rainbow counting game for preschool

Recommended Grade Level:

Unicorn Roll and Count Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Differentiated Cube
  • Paper Cutter
  • Gems/Mini Erasers/Pom poms

Number Sense Activities For Preschool



This engaging unicorn-themed die and mat will have your students begging to do math!

I’ve included two sets of dice inserts for easy differentiating. The first set uses some whimsical numerals, and the second set uses unicorn horn tally marks for kids who need more of a challenge.

Just slip the included dice inserts into your differentiated instruction cubes for some counting fun! Roll and Count math games are always fun because there is an element of surprise. There’s a different number with each roll. This keeps children’s interest up and is less prep for us.

We also love using our giant foam dice for math activities! They are so much fun to roll AND they are quieter than normal dice, so they don’t disturb the other kids. For kids who are just starting to learn numbers, they can use the traditional 1-6 die. For kids who need more of a challenge counting, use the 1-12 or 1-20 dice.

You can also use our favorite double dice to create a fun addition activity for kindergarteners (or extend it to older students by using double dice for multiplication).

  • What is the biggest/smallest number you can roll?
  • What sound does five start with?
  • Can you count backwards?
  • How fast can you count to 6?
Free Printable Dice Counting Game for preschool. Unicorn printable

What Can Children Learn While Working On Counting Mats in Preschool?



These counting mats offer a lot more than a free number tracing worksheet! As each player rolls, they will have the opportunity to work on important number sense skills:

  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Number recognition
  • Practice counting to build fluency
  • Number tracing/writing numbers
  • Number word writing
Unicorn Counting Game for math centers

Why Is It Important For Kids To Work On Number Sense Activities?

Preschool free printable worksheets, tracing number worksheets, learning activities and games provide a solid foundation for future math skills.

Number Identification: Number identification is sometimes the first step towards understanding what numbers are. Kids need lots of practice to be able to look at a number and say the correct number name.

One-to One Correspondence: Counting groups of objects and assigning each object one more gives meaning to the numbers that kids identify. Then they begin understanding quantity.

Counting Fluency: Being able to count smoothly and effortlessly goes a long way toward ease with future math concepts and skills. It takes lots of counting practice to reach that level of ease.

Make Connections: Preschool counting games help kids make connections between different numbers. It helps them see 6 is greater than 2, or 5 is an odd number.

How to Make the Unicorn Roll and Count Game

To Prep:

Print the unicorn mat and laminate.

We like using the dry erase pockets for our Roll and Count activities. They are much easier and more cost effective in the long run than laminating.

Print the cube inserts and place them in your cube.

Gather your gems or erasers and set them in a bowl beside the work area.

Free Printable Dice Counting Game for preschool. Unicorn printable

To Play:

Roll the cube. Count the tallies, or identify the numeral. Count manipulatives onto the mat. Write the numeral and the number word. Repeat.

We have a lot of fun with these counting games. There are a variety of ways that this can be used, including using play dough, mini erasers, gems, or pretty vase fillers.

Remember you can always adapt to suit each learner’s needs. If writing the number word is too much, don’t do it.

Free Printable unicorn math counting game for kindergarten

Extend the Activity

Sensory Bin

Hide the gems in a sensory bin to add another element of mystery to this counting game for preschool. Roll, find the objects in the bin, count them onto the mat.


Some children might be ready to add and subtract. Use two dice. Roll a number, count it onto the mat. Roll again. Count. Then add them up!

Play a Game

Turn this into a simple partner game where children take turns with each other. Perhaps one child rolls while the other counts and then they switch.

unicorn counting roll and count rainbow counting game for preschool
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