Spider Roll and Count Math Game

How is it that a person can be absolutely terrified of spiders and still love using them for a spider themed math game? Spider are definitely not my favorite creatures in the world, but this free spider roll and count math game is super cute and FUN!

Grab some spider manipulatives or mini erasers, your favorite dice and add this free printable spider web roll and count math activity to you math centers. Perfect for fall! (This seems to be the time of year that my basement constantly has new spider webs appearing! Yuck!)

Create a fun spider themed math activity for your kindergarteners with this free printable Spider Roll and Count mat. Pair it up with your favorite dice and spider toys for a great way to practice counting.

Why should I Use Roll and Count Games?

If your students are anything like the ones I work with, turning math activities for kids into games is one of the best ways to grab their attention. Especially when creepy, crawly spiders are included in the math game!

This Spider Web Roll and Count game is especially fun for kids who need to build up their counting skills, but don’t want it to feel like ‘work’.

One of my daughters refused to do any school activity that resembled a worksheet or book until she was in middle school. (She was the entire reason I started creating learning activities!)

Thankfully, that is definitely an option with fun counting activities like these.

Preschool math becomes so much fun when you are rolling the dice, counting spiders and writing with a dry erase marker!

Materials Needed for the Spider Web Roll and Count:

Paper | Laminating Pouch or Dry Erase Pocket | Dice | Plastic Spiders or Erasers | Dry Eraser Marker

1 1/21 1/2Learning Resources Jumbo Foam Polyhedral DiceLearning Resources Jumbo Foam Polyhedral DiceU.S. Toy Toy FiguresU.S. Toy Toy Figures

Free spider themed counting game for preschool. Roll and count math game for preschool. Roll a dice, write the number with a dry erase marker, and count it with mini erasers, fake spiders or another math manipulative.

I grabbed our plastic spiders and the spider mini erasers in the Target dollar area. You can also find plastic spiders here on Amazon if you missed them while they were in the Target Bullseye Playground.

If you can’t get a spider themed math manipulative, you can also use BINGO chips, pom poms, small rocks or vase filler with your free roll and count printable.

With all the activities on Life Over C’s, there is always a way to modify the supplies to fit your needs.

While the special manipulatives are super fun to use in your math centers, there is no reason to NOT do an activity with your preschoolers and kindergarteners if you can’t get the manipulatives that we used.

To prep:  Print and laminate the spider web roll and count activity (download the printable below). I LOVE activities that are easy to prepare!

You can also use a dry erase pocket to hold the mat if you can’t laminate the activity. The dry erase pockets are perfect when you want to print out an activity and GO!, but you don’t want your precious little children to waste all your colored ink and limited paper supply.

Spider Roll and Count math game for kindergarten.

How to use this Spider Math Game for Preschool

To use: Roll the die, write the corresponding number or number word with the dry erase marker and show the correct number of spiders. Super easy!

We love this fun set of foam dice from Lakeshore. Learning Resources has a similar set that would work great as well. I prefer these foam dice sets over a regular 6-sided die because you can practice more numbers by using a 10 or 20-sided die.

The small spiders are great for working on fine-motor skills! And I will take any excuse to have my daughter build up those tiny finger and hand muscles!

Create a fun spider themed math activity for your kindergarteners with this free printable Spider Roll and Count mat. Pair it up with your favorite dice and spider toys for a great way to practice counting.

Using this Spider Counting Activity for Kindergarten

This free spider roll and count math game is great a variety of math skills, so you can use it with your youngest preschool or pre-k kids, but you can also work on number sense with your kindergarten kids.

If your kindergartener needs more of a challenge, use two dice, count the dots, add them together and show the answer.

Pair these spider learning activities up with some of our favorite spider books for a math and literacy activity!

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