My kids have always been obsessed with bugs. We have had rollie pollie collections, worms hidden in bedrooms, and even we even captured the huge grasshoppers that would climb the walls to our 10th story apartment when we lived overseas. But I draw the line at spiders. And wasps. Both of those are candidates for a game of sudden death when find them. However, the super cute spider mini erasers I found at Target are the exception. They are perfect for these free printable spider counting cards for preschool! Not creepy at all!

– Life Over C's Free printable spider counting cards for numbers 1-10. Use with spider rings for counting

Recommended Grade Level:

Spider Counting Card Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Spider Rings or Spider Erasers

Practice Counting With These Spider Cards

The funny thing is, though, that I was so excited for my daughter to start playing with these spider web counting cards. They are just too cute. She loved our Spider Web Roll and Count, so I know she will love this! They are perfect for this time of year when the spiders seem to be everywhere or for an insect unit!

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The second after printing these cards, they got cut apart and put through my trusty laminator. Little hands can be detrimental to a piece of paper, even cardstock. Everything we do now gets sent to our daycare preschool room and no way is a piece of paper going to survive more than five minutes with all those kids!

Thankfully I can use my HP Instant Ink to save some $$ and not have to worry about how many activities I print for our girls or the daycare!

– Life Over C's Free printable spider mini eraser counting cards for numbers 1-10

These Spider Counting Cards are perfect for preschoolers and even students up through first grade. They help children practice number recognition, counting, sequencing and so much more. You could even up the challenge and have children add two of the numbers together or subtract them.

Spider Counting Cards

We like to pair plastic spiders with this set of cards. You could use spider rings or mini spider erasers too.

These mini spiders are going to be super helpful for hands-on counting as well as strengthening fine motor skills.

Grab the mini spiders you have chosen and have your child cover the pictures of the spiders on the counting cards with the correct number of plastic spiders.

– Life Over C's Free printable spider counting cards for numbers 1-10. Use with spider rings for counting

This activity is especially helpful for preschoolers who aren’t quite ready for independent counting. The cards will help them know when to stop as well as seeing the number and that number of images.

This is perfect for individual work, small groups or even centers!

One-to-One Correspondence Counting Cards

One-to-one correspondence is an important step in mathematical understanding for preschoolers.

Most preschoolers start with rote counting, simply repeating numbers that they hear ‘1, 2, 3, 4’, but the understanding that each of those numbers relates to a specific object is called one to one correspondence.

This can take a lot of repetition for a preschooler. So giving them lots of hands-on ways to practice one to one correspondence is important.

And for special needs kids like my daughter, it can take years for them to gain this understanding. That’s why we have so many different one-to-one correspondence and counting activities like these free printable spider counting cards on Life Over C’s.

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– Life Over C's Free printable spider counting cards for numbers 1-10. Use with spider rings for counting
– Life Over C's spider counting mats for numbers to 10
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– Life Over C's counting activities for preschool math activities

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