Ten Black Dots is one of our favorite counting centered children’s books. It is simple yet helps so much. Many of these activities are math centered, specifically counting, graphing, sorting, etc. Some, though, include sensory and art elements. All of these activities are fun for kids and are a perfect way to connect to the amazing children’s book Ten Black Dots.

Ten Black Dots Inspired Hands On Activities

Ten Black Dot Inspired Activities - Math and Other Activities Inspired By The Fun Children's Book Ten Black Dots

Math Activities

Sorting is an important skill to learn for beginning math skills. This is a super simple to set up sorting activity and will help kids sort numbers 1 through 10.

This printable can help kids with number recognition in such an easy way. With only a few supplies, including paint and q-tips, can help kids dot each number 1 though 10.

Having counters is an excellent way to help kids learn to count. The visual aspect can help immensely. This counting activity uses black pom poms to represent the black dots!

This activity uses Black Dots as the inspiration for a number matching game. This is a great way to encourage children to practice number recognition and it’s a free printable!

These free printables are the base of this fabulous pattern activity. Using black dot counters, the patterns can be completed.

Those same counters make fabulous tools for creating numbers in a writing tray. This can help strengthen fine motor skills as well as helping to practice writing the numbers.

This counting activity uses popsicle sticks to help kids with various areas of math. This can be used for counting, simple equations, greater than or less than and more.

Grab the book here in English or Spanish:

Ten Black DotsTen Black DotsTen Black Dots (Spanish edition): Los diez puntos negrosTen Black Dots (Spanish edition): Los diez puntos negros

Other Activities for Ten Black Dots

The black dots in this activity may not have an apparent purpose except for being part of the process. Process art is a fabulous way for children to learn to express themselves and this black dot process art is a wonderful example of this.

Another fantastic way to provide a process art activity is like this art prompt idea. The dots are placed on the paper in random places and the child can use those dots as the beginning of their art and create something all their own.

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