Worksheets. Wonderful, easy, boring, dull worksheets. Who wants to learn with those? Seriously, all of my daughters would prefer to have teeth pulled than to sit down and try to learn something with worksheets. My 3rd grader has never completed a phonics worksheet, but just tested at upper 4th grade level for reading. My oldest two daughters were testing in the 5th grade reading level by the time they finished kindergarten. No worksheets there either. So what did we use instead? We helped them discover a love for learning with these 25 simple alphabet tools. Extra bonus, that we’ve been able to use these year after year no matter what learning style we were working with.

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25 Simple Alphabet Tools

Alphabet Flash Cards



Leap Frog Slide to Learn ABC Flash Cards

My kids have loved their Tag Junior!! These cards are so fun for them to explore and provide a great, independent learning activity!

Alphabet Magnets



Melissa and Doug Wooden Magnets

These alphabet magnets are more chunky than traditional magnets which not only makes them great for little hands, but they can add variety to activities after the kids are bored of the regular ones. We loved using them in this alphabet I Spy Game and alphabet sensory bin!



Educational Insights Color-Coded Alphabet Magnets

Great for learning about vowels and consonants! These differ from traditional plastic alphabet magnets because all the vowels are colored red and all consonants are blue.



Leap Frog Magnetic Letter Bus

This game combines magnets and introduces the letter sound in a fun and engaging way. I have been listening to Tad sing the alphabet for the last 8 years!! We still use him every day!

Alphabet Beads



Lowercase Alphabet Lacing Beads

I love that these are shaped like the actual letters so that kids can feel the shape while they are playing with them!



Uppercase Alphabet Lacing Beads

Great for learning about the differences between upper and lowercase letters. We have both sets so that we can sort and compare letters while creating lovely jewelry!



Jumbo Alphabet Beads

Easy for little hands to hold and thread, these alphabet beads are great for matching uppercase and lowercase letters, building words, and talking about colors!

Alphabet Tiles



Color-Coded Alphabet Tiles

Just like the color-coded alphabet magnets, these alphabet tiles help kids easily see where the vowels are!



Scrabble Tiles

Not just for playing Scrabble. You can use this to play a memory game, spell words, or do an I Spy!

Alphabet Playdough Tools



Alphabet Cookie Cutters

They offer an alphabet-only version, but since this has so many fun cookie cutters, it’s worth it to get the bigger pack.



Uppercase Alphabet Dough Stampers

These alphabet stampers work on fine-motor skills as the kids learn about letters and spell words.



Lowercase Alphabet Dough Stampers

Perfect to mix and match with the uppercase stampers, these are a great first step into learning letter names and sounds through hands-on play.

Letter Formation Tools



Alphabet Construction Set

These are especially great for kids who need to focus on letter formation. These letters can be manipulated to create new letters. It also introduces the idea of curves and straight lines to young children.



Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards

We love using Wikki Stix for all sorts of craft projects, so it’s fun to use them for learning the alphabet too! They are waxy pieces of yarn that can be molded and reshaped over and over again. Kids love them!



Sandpaper Tracing Letters

These sandpaper letters offer a tactile approach to learning the alphabet. Kids love to touch and feel the rough letters and it helps develop hand-eye coordination as well as alphabet recognition.

Alphabet Learning Videos



Rock ‘n’ Learn Alphabet DVD

We have been Rock ‘n’ Learn fans for years! We used shapes, numbers, money, physical science and more. These fun DVDs put learning to songs, so that they are easy to remember.



Letter Sounds DVD

Learning the letter sounds is fun and musical with this DVD! Kids love to sing and dance along with the alphabet characters and it does a great job teaching letter sounds.

Alphabet Toys & Puzzles



Alphabet Train Set

Good for practicing alphabetical order!



Hape Wooden Stand-Up Letter Puzzle

I love this alphabet puzzle because you can use the letters independently to build words. And because there are no pictures involved, the kids really have to pay attention to the shape of the letters as they are matching.



Melissa & Doug See-Inside Alphabet Puzzle

A great puzzle for introducing beginning sounds!

Alphabet Art Tools

There are endless ways to infuse art into literacy and these are some of our favorite tools! We love to use the alphabet stamps to practice words, names, and beginning sounds. The alphabet stickers are so fun for alphabet collages, word-building and everyday art. Plus, they silicone letter mold has endless uses! We have made letter ice, melted letter crayons, and even letter chocolate!

 Educational Insights See & Stamp Jumbo Alphabet Transparent Stamps – Lowercase Alphabet Stamps, Set of 26 Lowercase Letters & 4 Punctuation Marks – Perfect for Homeschool or Classroom, Ages 4+Educational Insights See & Stamp Jumbo Alphabet Transparent Stamps - Lowercase Alphabet Stamps, Set of 26 Lowercase Letters & 4 Punctuation Marks - Perfect for Homeschool or Classroom, Ages 4+ Educational Insights See and Stamp Alphabet Transparent Stamps – Uppercase 5/8Educational Insights See and Stamp Alphabet Transparent Stamps - Uppercase 5/8 Melissa & Doug Sticker Collection – Alphabet and Numbers, 1000 Letter and Number StickersMelissa & Doug Sticker Collection - Alphabet and Numbers, 1000 Letter and Number Stickers Traytastic! Silicone Letter Mold A-Z Alphabet – Large 1.5Traytastic! Silicone Letter Mold A-Z Alphabet - Large 1.5


Alphabet Manipulatives & Writing Practice



Alphabet Unifix Cubes

These are great for word building!



Wooden Moveable Alphabet with Box

This is a Montessori set, but even if you are not fully Montessori, your kids can benefit from being able to build words, feel the letter shapes and have a great place to work on sorting!



Dry-Erase Alphabet Book

We don’t do a lot of ‘workbook’ time, but kids love to use dry erase markers! Plus, you can use it over and over!

Alphabet Food Play



Alphabet Cookies

Learn about the alphabet and have a snack with these yummy alphabet cookies!



Alphabet Pasta

Use for a craft project, sensory bin or just for a fun learning meal!

Our Favorite Alphabet Books:

We can’t live without these!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

 The Alphabet’s AlphabetThe Alphabet's Alphabet LMNO Peas (The Peas Series)LMNO Peas (The Peas Series) AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went FirstAlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First ABCs of Art (Sabrina Hahn’s Art & Concepts for Kids)ABCs of Art (Sabrina Hahn's Art & Concepts for Kids) Alphabet EverywhereAlphabet Everywhere What About X? An Alphabet AdventureWhat About X? An Alphabet Adventure TouchThinkLearn: ABC (Baby Board Books, Baby Touch and Feel Books, Sensory Books for Toddlers)TouchThinkLearn: ABC (Baby Board Books, Baby Touch and Feel Books, Sensory Books for Toddlers) P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book EverP Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever The Alphabet Tree (Dragonfly Books)The Alphabet Tree (Dragonfly Books)


More Activities You’ll Love:

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