Christmas season is upon us. Which means it’s time for pine trees, candy canes, and Christmas lights! Kids will love this fun craft and teachers will appreciate how simple it is and how little prep there is. If your kiddos can’t cut out a circular shape yet, you can use large circle confetti as your lights, which will make this activity even easier. The lights look so festive, and the black glue is a fun twist on this holiday craft. You can also try a variation of this craft using silver glitter glue on black paper!

Kids will love creating their own Christmas lights with this simple black glue Christmas lights craft for preschoolers. Work on cutting skills, build patterns, learn colors or just have a fun art project!

Recommended Grade Level:

Black Glue Christmas Light Craft Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Construction Paper
  • Black Glue
  • Craft Tray

One of the best things about this craft is how simple it is! Kids will love transforming their little raindrop shapes into Christmas lights with the magic of black glue.

First, have the kids cut out Christmas light shapes from paper. The easiest way we found to do it was to make a sort of raindrop shape, then to cut off the pointy bit to make it flat.

Glue the Christmas lights to a white piece of paper using a glue stick.

Add a band of black glue to the flat side of each Christmas light.

Draw a line of black glue connecting the string of lights. This becomes the lights power cord.  Let the kids connect their lights however they like. Some kids might like to draw a straight black line for their cord, but others might prefer the “tangled lights” look for their design. There are no wrong ways to do art!

Allow the lights to dry completely before sending them home with the kiddos. You can also use the black glue to draw each child’s name on the paper.

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