I love when I can find those one or two special fall leaves that are a shade of purple or dark pink. Finding those unique colors of fall blending with the oranges, yellows, and reds is fascinating.

The changing of the seasons is a great way for children to explore cycles and patterns within nature. It’s easier for children to see different life cycles and changes around them when the objects are already familiar to them. Trees. Butterflies. Frogs. Flowers. People.

This multi-sensory fall tree painting craft really brings the process to life and helps kids remember it. I love that it requires simple materials that you probably already having lying around. I mean, who doesn’t have empty toilet paper rolls, am I right?!

Toilet paper roll craft for fall.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Fall Tree Toilet Paper Roll Craft

  • Paper Plate
  • Paints
  • Paper or cardstock
  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brown construction paper

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Learning About Seasonal Changes In Preschool

fall tree craft for preschool

Seasonal projects help children connect with nature, and they help them understand the world around them.

This toilet paper roll art is a great hands-on way to explore changes in leaves during the fall. Since kids are already familiar with trees and typically have background knowledge, learning specific information about how a tree changes and goes through a cycle is fascinating and real to students.

I like to use the painted fall trees project at the end of the unit to review what we learned, to practice the vocabulary, and to have a final finished product to refer to as we study other plants, animals, and insects.

In addition to learning about changes, you can pose additional questions to young learners.

  • What foods can we get from trees?
  • What does a tree need to continue to grow?
  • How is a tree in the spring different from a tree in the fall?
  • What other types of recycled materials could you use to make the project?
Creating a fall tree painting with toilet paper rolls and paint.

What Preschoolers Learn Making Fall Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Fall crafts with toilet paper rolls


You can use vocabulary and processes on the fall paper roll artwork to compare/contrast with other animals, plants, or insects.

Completed fall toilet paper roll craft.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About Life Cycles?

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Learning about the life cycles of living things help them understand the world a little bit better.

Background Knowledge

Learning about life cycles is really the first step toward more complex science concepts, like the scientific process.

Connect with Nature

The more children know and understand about the natural world, the more they will connect and understand to natural surroundings.

Understand Cycles

Many things in our world are cyclical: life, seasons, and weather are a few examples. Understanding basic life cycles gives kids knowledge of general cycles.

Make Connections

Learning different life cycles, from plants to animals and insects, helps kids make deeper connections among them and relate it to themselves.

How to Make This Paper Towel Tube Painting

Step One:

Draw a basic tree trunk on the brown construction paper and cut it out. 

Glue the trunk down onto the white cardstock paper.

Supplies for the fall tree craft.

Step Two:

Prepare your paint. Pour a small amount of each color of paint onto a paper plate. 

Dip the end of the toilet paper tubes into the paint until the end is covered. 

Press down onto the cardstock paper around the tree trunk to create the leaves of the tree.

Making the painted fall tree.

Step Three:

Repeat this process with each color until you have a completed tree.

Set aside to dry. Then, display!

Creating a fall tree painting with toilet paper rolls and paint.

Toilet Paper Crafts

Crafts using toilet paper rolls are a resourceful way to teach students about reusing and recycling.

Create a Book

Make a cycle book with half sheets of paper and child illustrations/labels of each seasonal change.

Adding Fruit

Kids will love using pom poms, buttons, or stickers to create ‘fruit’ on their trees.

Sensory Bin

Talk about the life cycle stages of a tree and work on fine motor skills as you play in a fall themed sensory bin.

Leaf Patterns

Using leaves (real or fake) have your child create a pattern showing different colors or sizes.

Play a Game

Continue learning about seasons with our seasons math and literacy pack.

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