Spring is an exciting time for preschoolers! Teachers, parents, and students can look back on a year full of challenges and accomplishments that everyone should be proud of! Spring math for preschoolers is a chance to keep honing counting and number recognition skills. And the way to keep them focused is to highlight the season!

– Life Over C's Free Spring Theme 1-10 Number Posters

Recommended Grade Level:

Spring Themed Number Posters Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Tape

The Spring Theme Preschool Number Poster Printable 1-10 is a fun counting activity for numbers 0-10. Students can work on counting and so many other math skills with this free printable!

The download includes 8 1/2 x 11 printable cards for each number 0-10. One set features each numeral with the corresponding number of spring flowers in a watering can. A second set includes smaller, half-page posters with the numeral and number word. A third set (also half-page) features each numeral and its Spanish number word!

Skills the Counting Cards Promote

There are so many important foundational math concepts to be introduced in preschool. Children should work aaaaaaall year on interactive math centers and math games that allow them to explore number sense and counting skills.

– Life Over C's A spring theme number poster for the number 4 in both English and Spanish.

Since fine motor skills are also an important part of preschool development, these number posters for preschool also give them opportunities to manipulate small objects or practice handwriting.

These simple number cards are super versatile and promote different levels of learning, depending on individual skills, knowledge, and abilities.

The printable number cards will help your students with:

  • Numeral recognition
  • Sequencing
  • Number word recognition
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Tracing/writing numbers

How to Use the Spring Math Activity for Preschool

The math activity for spring for preschoolers is easy to prep! All you need to do is print it. Then, there are several options on how to implement the spring counting game into your lesson plans.

– Life Over C's The spring theme number posters for the number 1.
Add Hands-On Manipulatives

Give students buttons, beads, mini erasers, or play dough balls to place on each flower as they count it. Adding manipulatives to any spring counting activity for preschool helps solidify the concept.

Use as an Interactive Bulletin Board

Create a spring bulletin board with the preschool number line poster printable. Refer to it throughout the day as you reference different numbers.

– Life Over C's A child pointing at a spring theme number poster for the number 8.
Place in the Math Center

Laminate the preschool number line printable, or slide them into plastic sleeves. Then, place them at the math center for students to practice counting, sequencing, number matching, writing and reading numbers, and more!

Create a Number Line Game

Students can roll a die (or two), then find that number mat and place counters on it. They can take turns with a partner until all mats are full. Scatter number mats randomly, or place them in a number line for preschool learners to see the numbers in sequential order.

Another math game could include placing a set of number cards upside down and alternatively drawing a card, naming the number, counting the flowers, and placing on a large preschool number line 1 to 10.

Practice Handwriting

Posters that have been laminated or put into a plastic sleeve are perfect for handwriting practice! Students can trace the numerals and/or number words with dry erase markers or crayons over and over to develop dexterity while improving number recognition.

More Number Line Activities for Preschool

Students who need an extra challenge can use the free printable number line for preschoolers to begin exploring addition. Use the cards with large addition/equals symbols to build addition sentences and recite orally.

Students that need extra support can focus on numbers 0-5 first, then move on to 6-10.

We know games and challenges are engaging ways to learn. You could turn this into a number sequencing challenge by racing to see who can put the numbers in order the fastest. Use an existing number line for reference to scaffold those that need it.

Alternatively, take out the “pressure” of the challenge but keep the “race” aspect by placing numbers on one side of an open area and allow students to run and grab one number at a time, then run it back to another area to put them in order.

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– Life Over C's Free Spring Theme 1-10 Number Posters
– Life Over C's flower theme number posters for preschool
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