Do your kids love flags as much as mine do? We are a patriotic family and my girls love dressing up in red white and blue. We have done this Red, White, and Blue sensory bin every year for many years. So it is no surprise that my daughter loves this Shape Flag Matching Game. Not only does she love matching games, but this shape game is centered around flags? She was stoked! It pairs up perfectly with our shape printables and activities too!

Free printable flag shape memory game for preschoolers and kindergarten.

Shape Flag Matching Game

Shapes are everywhere, objects are all around us. That doesn’t mean that we look at the TV and think oh that’s a rectangle. We don’t look at the sun and think how great that circle is.

Kids who are just learning shapes, though, absolutely do. Have you witnessed this? Once they recognize a shape, all they see is that shape! It is fun, isn’t it? The same happens with letters and numbers too.

This matching game is perfect for helping children practice shape recognition as well as naming the shapes. My kids love themed matching games, as do I, but I also love how incredibly low prep this activity is. Once it is prepared the first time it is ready to go time after time!!

Red, white and blue flag matching game for 2D shapes.

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Prep & Playing the Flag Shape Matching Game

This shape matching game is super easy to prep and play!

I love to print matching games on the white side of scrapbook paper. It is an easy way to make bright, fun games and make it harder for kids to see through the cards and “cheat” when they are trying to make matches

Once you have printed the game, cut each piece out. The next step is optional but I highly suggest it. I like to laminate the game pieces. This will ensure durability, which is necessary when working with kids! Cut out the laminated pieces and you can start setting up the game.

Decide how many pieces you will play with per game depending on the child who is playing. Some children may get overwhelmed if ALL of the game pieces are used. 2-3 shapes is a great amount for young learners.

Lay the game pieces upside down on a flat surface as a table or the floor. We like to line them up in a grid to ensure we can pick the right matches.

Take turns picking two game pieces. If they match, you get to keep them. If they don’t, put the cards face down back into the game.

This continues until all of the matches are found.

Shape Matching Game for preschool. Match the shapes and the flags.

Alternate Ideas

These game pieces are also perfect for a sensory bin. Put one of the matches into the sensory bin and the other laid out flat. When the child pulls a card from the sensory bin, he/she can match it to the correct piece.

This is also fantastic for using with play dough. Use each shape card as inspiration to make the ship round playdough.

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flag theme 2D shape matching game for preschoolers

Download Flag Shape Matching Game Here

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