Did you know kids can do more with beads besides stuff them up their nose?? LOL! You can also use beads to make some fun holiday crafts together. Today I’m featuring a Homemade Christmas Ornament for Kids: Beaded Wreath. Bead craft ideas for kids keep little hands and minds busy during the chaotic Christmas holiday season. When finished, this easy craft makes a lovely Christmas gift or gift topper that your kids will be proud to give. And you can rest assured none of the beads made it into a nose!

Wreath Christmas ornament for kids to make with beads, ribbon and wire

Materials needed for Bead Wreath Ornament Craft for Kids

Get the Supplies Here:

Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here.

I always look for every opportunity to review curricular skills and goals. This beaded Christmas wreath ornament is a wonderful project for kids to introduce or practice patterns. Kids can explore their creative side while getting hands-on practice with an important math skill.

How to use Beads to Teach Math

Another math skill I love to incorporate into the beaded Christmas wreath craft is counting! Children can count the beads as they follow the beaded Christmas wreath instructions. Or, they can count them into colored piles before creating their beaded Christmas wreath pattern.

Preschoolers learn best through repetition, so it’s important to incorporate as many natural learning opportunities as possible throughout the entire school year.

When can toddlers string beads?

Some advanced toddlers can string large beads as young as age two, while your average preschooler can string beads without much assistance around age three or older. Making Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas decorations, or other popsicle stick ornaments and crafts are great ways to enhance fine motor skills in a fun way.

Remember that you can always differentiate bead crafts for kids by providing different levels of support or altering the supplies. You can make pony bead crafts for young hands, use larger beads, or press beads into salt dough angel ornaments if students aren’t quite ready to string beads onto a small wire.

Pony beads are great for younger kids and kids who need help with their pincer grasp because they are larger and easier to hold as they make beaded Christmas ornaments.

Safety note: Always choose the correct size of bead for your children’s ages and provide close supervision while crafting.

Beaded Christmas wreath craft hanging on a Christmas tree

Why is threading beads important for preschoolers?

There are many benefits of threading for preschoolers. Your kids will work on the following skills when they make this Christmas bead wreath:

  • Muscle strength and dexterity
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Color patterns
  • Counting

Threading beads is typically enjoyed by all ages. This homemade Christmas bead wreath craft is obviously geared towards preschoolers, but you’ll find all ages will enjoy this Christmas ornament for kids to make in school.

Creating color combinations and patterns for the beaded Christmas ornament for kids will keep them occupied for at least five minutes!

These fun bead wreath ornaments are easy to assemble and are a great craft for kids of all ages!

How Can I Differentiate this DIY Ornament Beaded Wreath Craft?

If you want to make the most out of this Christmas craft with kids, consider the following ideas:

  • Make several Christmas bead wreaths for family members.
  • Use longer wire and make bead garland as a team project.
  • Have your kids count the beads as they place them on the craft wire.
  • Encourage your kids to make more complex patterns and practice naming them (ABBA, ABC, or AABB, etc.)
  • Use red and white beads and bended wire to create beaded candy canes.

You can easily use this DIY Christmas bead wreath to help your preschoolers use their math and basic counting skills during the excitement of the holiday season.

Preschoolers have a *tad* bit of difficulty sitting still and concentrating the closer we get to the holidays.

This craft for kids will help your kids stay on task and have some fun while using important skills before they take a break from learning to have fun with their families during the holiday season.


Pre-cut pieces of wire approximately six to eight inches long, based on how long you want your beaded wreath ornaments to be.

Bend one end of the wire so that the beads won’t fall off during the bead threading process.

Create a bead pattern on this Christmas wreath bead ornament for Christmas trees

Add beads one by one until the desired length of wire is full. Your preschoolers can add their beads in any color pattern they desire.

Twist the ends of the wire together to create a circle. Be certain to tuck in any sharp wire edges so that little hands don’t get poked.

Tie both ends of the beaded wire Christmas wreath together to make a Christmas ornament for kids

Add a decorative ribbon to your wreath Christmas ornament for kids and enjoy!

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