DIY Fall Pumpkin Wreath Crafts for Preschoolers

Fall is one of our favorite times of year for kids crafts, especially pumpkin themed ones! There’s something about going to the pumpkin patch, carving jack-o-lanterns, and toasting pumpkin seeds that always leaves my kids wanting more pumpkin activities! DIY Fall Pumpkin Wreath Crafts For Preschoolers are a fun arts and crafts project that the whole family will love working on together!

Paper plates not only make for quick and easy dinner clean up, but they are also the perfect size and shape for pumpkin crafts for preschoolers! For this project, all you need is a few simple craft materials (including a paper plate) and you will have an adorable pumpkin shaped wreath!

Why Are Arts And Crafts Important For Kids?

I’m always amazed how simple arts and crafts projects can have so many benefits! Here are just some of the many reasons arts and crafts are important for kids!

  • Fine Motor Skills! Whether the project involves cutting, painting, gluing, or coloring, if little hands and fingers are working, fine motor skills are being strengthened!
  • Hand Eye Coordination! Assembling arts and crafts projects requires hands and eyes to work together!
  • Creativity! Kids are able to let their creativity shine while they are working on projects!
  • Vocabulary Skills! Vocabulary and language skills are developed when little ones talk about shapes, colors, and their creations as they participate in arts and crafts activities.
  • Reading Comprehension! If your child is old enough to read instructions, then reading the directions and following along step by step can be great comprehension practice!

How To Make A Pumpkin Wreath:


  • paper plate
  • orange tissue paper
  • card stock (brown and green)
  • glue
  • scissors


To start this fall craft, cut the inside circle out of a paper plate.

Take the orange tissue paper and begin to rip it into small squares. Little ones will love helping with this part!

Scrunch the torn pieces of tissue paper and glue them around the paper plate.

Continue gluing the tissue paper until the whole paper plate is covered.

Now it’s time to make the stem! Cut a rectangle (stem) out of the brown card stock and a leaf out of the green card stock.

Glue the stem and leaf to the back of the paper plate.

Let your preschool pumpkin art dry and you will have the perfect decoration for your front door!

Other Options For Your Paper Pumpkin Craft For Kids:

  • If you don’t have tissue paper you can use construction paper and roll it into tiny balls to be glued onto the paper plate!
  • Using a mix of small, medium, and large paper plates you can create a variety of pumpkins of different sizes!
  • Use chenille stems (pipe cleaners) to add extra detail to your stem and leaf!
  • Hot glue a piece of twine to the back of your paper plate for easy hanging!
  • If you have leftover paper plates you can get out your paintbrushes and paint and let your little one create their own pumpkin artwork!

Planning for Fall? We’ve done all the work for you!

We now have interactive thematic lesson plans for toddlers (18-35 months) AND preschoolers (3-5 years)! Get ready for fun and learning with unit lesson plans for FALL. Explore a variety of themed hands-on activities! Easy to follow lesson plans include activity modifications and adaptations to meet the needs of all learners. For more information, click on the graphics below:

pumpkin wreath made with tissue paper fall craft for kids

More Fall and Pumpkin Theme Preschool Activities:

There are so many options when it comes to pumpkin arts and crafts for preschool! Here are some other easy fall and pumpkin theme activities you can do with your little ones!

  • Carving and painting pumpkins are both great activities for fine motor skill development!
  • Bake a pumpkin pie together! This can be a wonderful way to combine cooking and counting as little ones help count how much of each ingredient to add!
  • Create a pumpkin or fall tree salt painting!
  • Using plain white paper, crayons, and leaves collected from your backyard, create some fun leaf prints!
  • Read fall themed books together!

Get More Ideas for Fall Theme Preschool Lesson Plans Here

Fall Lesson Plans for Preschool Fall Theme Units

Other Pumpkin Activities For Preschool:

Three pumpkin crafts with fine motor decorations. White pumpkin with gems, pumpkin decorated with pom poms, pipe cleaner pumpkin
Grab these low-prep free printable pumpkin counting grid games for preschoolers! Such a fun way to practice counting!
Free printable pumpkin alphabet stamping activity for preschoolers to learn uppercase and lowercase letters. Pumpkin spinner with uppercase and lowercase letter a. Stamp the uppercase and lowercase a
Kids will love exploring pumpkins this fall with a hands-on pumpkin unit study! Use pumpkins for science, math, STEM, literacy, art and so much more!!

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