DIY Farm Animal Game with Free Printable

I love making games and activities for my kids that are great for learning and easy to prepare. I don’t have time to spend an hour preparing one activity (I barely have 10 minutes most days.) This DIY Farm Animal Game for Preschoolers is so easy to put together and so much fun to play! We had a blast with it! It’s customizable and you can use it for so many skills making it not only fun, but educational too!

This DIY Farm Game with free printable dice for preschoolers is a great way to work on language skills and good sportsmanship.

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Materials for the DIY Farm Animal Game for Preschoolers:

Farm Stickers: barn, cow, pig, sheep, chick, and horse (we used this big pack)

1 Sheet of 12”x12” scrapbook paper

Game markers (1 for each player)

Dice Download

Printer Paper


This DIY Farm Game with free printable dice for preschoolers is a great way to work on language skills and good sportsmanship.

To prepare die:

Print the dice download.

Cut out the cube template.

Create the cube and tape the tabs to hold the cube together.

To prepare the game board:

In a continual pattern create a “path” using the stickers. I choose to weave back and forth, but you could also do a spiral with the end in the center.

To play:

Start with the game markers at the first sticker.

Roll the die.

Move your game marker to the next sticker that matches the animal rolled on the die.

Continue to the next player.

Repeat until the first person reaches the last sticker on the board. (Player must roll to match the final sticker.)

This DIY Farm Game for preschoolers is a great way to work on language skills and good sportsmanship.

In addition to having fun, this farm game for preschoolers is good for working on language skills. Great words to learn include: next, animal names, last, spots (on the cow), red (barn). Language skills are an extremely important part of my 4 year old’s learning, so while these words may seem basic for a preschooler, some kids still need to work on them at this point.

Make it extra fun by having the kids make the noise of the animal they land on. We did and it was hilarious! We decided when we landed on the barn, we had to make ALL of the animal noises!

Games like this also encourage good sportsmanship and patience which are essential skills for preschoolers (and anyone, really.)

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  1. These teddy bear cards are really cute. They are for my grandson who is having a little difficulty remembering the numbers. I think by doing some counting activities with objects it will help. I have little rubber/plastic pigs and am looking for some counting cards 1-10 but I didn’t see any specific ones on your website.

  2. What a great resource – I teach a farm themed mini class as part of my Signing Smart offerings. This would be a fun game for some of my older students!