Growing up, I remember hearing stories of my older brother getting kicked in the head by a cow while standing in the barn, flinging his little body straight into the manure pit. Of course, I think that it is funny now, but I’m sure that my parents didn’t think so at the time…lol! My father lived on a farm my entire childhood, so farm animals are super familiar to me. Not so much for my ‘city-born’ kids. So naturally, the first animals that I taught my kids about were farm animals. I have continued that tradition with our daycare kids and for their farm theme, I created a fun set of free printable farm animal number posters for the preschool and toddlers.

They go perfectly with our favorite farm animal masks, so after you grab the farm animal number posters for counting below, make sure you head over and get the super fun farm animal masks too.

Free printable farm animal number posters for preschool farm theme classroom counting activity

Recommended Grade Level:

Farm Animal Number Poster Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies

This is supposed to be the place where I elaborate on how to prepare the number posters, how to display the posters, how to use the posters for counting farm animals….

I think that with this resource, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Print, laminate, stick the posters to a wall. Simple.

Of course, you could also put the farm posters on some book rings to make a super cute counting book for toddlers.

Then have fun singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm while counting the animals in the book.

Ok, so I guess there were some things to say about how you can use the number posters….

Really though, I thought I would take a couple minutes seconds (because we’re busy, right?) to share some of my favorite farm animal preschool activities with you.

And some fun ways to use the number posters beyond hanging them on the wall.

Farm Animal Activities for Preschoolers

Now, to be totally honest. These posters are hanging in the toddler room at our daycare at the moment. Don’t you just love our cinder block walls??!?

Count to 10 with free printable farm animal theme posters for a toddler or preschool classroom.

That’s because the toddlers are doing a farm theme right now. Complete with dirty pig art projects and muddy slime.

But my main focus is teaching preschool and elementary because that is the level of my youngest daughter, so it makes sense that I would share some preschool farm activities with you. Our preschoolers will be doing their farm unit in the spring since it’s so much fun to explore the animals on a farm when baby animals are being born.

No one cares about the big, fully grown pigs…. everyone loves the piglets.

Except for bacon. Everyone also loves bacon.

Easy Farm Animal Activities for Preschoolers

One thing every farmer does is weigh things. They weigh the animals and they weigh the crops and feed. Preschoolers can have a blast exploring weight on the farm.

The best thing I ever did for our farm unit was to buy a huge back of farm themed foam stickers. We have used them for so many activities! Like this farm graphing activity, creating our own farm animal board game, and making farm animal puzzles.

Farm Animal Counting Games for Preschoolers

Besides having a lot of fun counting with the farm animal number posters you really can create some fun games with them.

While toddlers are mostly going to focus on naming the animals and sorting like pigs, preschoolers can start to grasp the numbers on the counting posters.

Interactive Floor Games for Number Posters

  • You can print one copy of the posters and tape them securely to the floor in a number line and have the kids hop down the number line while saying the numbers on the farm animal posters.
  • Or print a few copies of the posters and scatter them throughout your room. Make sure you secure them so that kids don’t slide on them during the counting game and break a tooth… Then, call out a number and have the kids run to find the correct number.
  • Toddlers would be able to play either game while focusing on the animal name instead of the numbers!
Farm theme counting posters for preschool math activity. Count the chickens, turkeys, and chicks. Preschool classroom display

Create a “Live” Number Line with the Farm Animal Counting Posters

Print enough posters for each child to have one counting poster.

  • Then, have the kids work together to put the numbers in the correct order. If you have more than 10 kids, simply have the kids with matching numbers stand together.

Play a Huge Number Matching Game with the Counting Posters

This one takes an extra five seconds of thinking. You need 2 sets of numbers. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have in your class, as long as each number has a pair.

  • So if you have 20 kids, you print 2 copies of all 10 numbers.
  • 16 kids- print two copies of 1-8.
  • 10 kids- print two copies of 1-5.
  • etc.

Pass the posters out to the kids and then have them find their matching pair!

This is also a great way to pair kids up for partner activities!

Combining Math and Literacy for Preschoolers

Pair these fun counting games and farm animal counting posters up with some great farm animal books for an easy preschool farm theme!

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

farm theme preschool counting posters for numbers 1-10 Featured Image
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