It has always been so much fun to teach our kids the sounds that each animal makes. Our youngest called cows “moos” until she was five years old. We worked on this skill so much with her because of her developmental delays and now playing “farm” is one of her favorite pretend play activities. In her last speech therapists office, Shiloh memorized where her therapist kept the toy barn and it was the coveted reward for working during her sessions. We’ve been using this farm counting activity for a couple years, but as she is now six, we are beginning to work on writing skills as well (mostly just imitating or tracing at the moment), I wanted to create a new farm animal roll and count activity for her.

This farm animals roll and count math game for a farm theme is a great way to work on number recognition with kindergarteners! Kids will love putting the animals on the farm as they count and write the numbers.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for Farm Roll and Count Math Game:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Farm Math Counters
  • Dice
  • Dry Erase Markers

To prep:  Print and laminate the farm animal roll and count mat (download below). You can also use a dry erase pocket to hold the mat if you can’t laminate it.

To use: Roll your die, write the corresponding number or number word with the dry erase marker and show the correct number of animals. Super easy!

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We love this fun set of foam dice from Lakeshore and Learning Resources has a similar set that would work great as well. I prefer these dice sets over a regular 6-sided die because you can practice more numbers by using a 10 or 20-sided die.

These farm animals are so much fun for learning and playing! My daughter loves playing pretend with the farm animals in her toy barn. They are also great for working on sorting (by color and by animal), building patterns and matching.

I love it when one set of manipulatives can be used for a lot of different skills!

More Great Activities: Free Printable Farm Animal Masks for Kids

If your child needs more of a challenge, use two dice, add them together and show the answer.

Pair the farm animal roll and count printable up with some fun farm books for a math and literacy activity!

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farm counting roll and count farm theme math activity for preschool
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