A while back I shared with you the beautiful rainbow-colored farm puzzles that we made from a huge set of farm stickers and some foam sheets. I promised you then that I would share with you the other fun activities that we did along with the puzzles and today I’m fulfilling my promise! These sticker collages were the perfect farm animal craft to complete our evening. In fact, I know it was awesome because I had nothing to do with it! Ha!

farm theme sticker collages process art for kids

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Farm Theme Sticker Collage Art for Preschool

  • Paper
  • Farm Theme Stickers
  • Foam Sticker Paper
  • Scissors

Sometimes the best crafts are the ones that kids think up all on their own. Ok, most times…

I’m totally believe that if you provide kids with the materials needed to be creative, then they will spontaneously come up with masterpieces with no adult-prompting.

In this case their inspiration was the farm stickers.

While I was putting the puzzles together for Shiloh, the other kids were amazed at the number of stickers I had spread all over the table.

farm stickers

And while I worked with Shiloh they started creating.

Every now and then, I would hear little snippets of their conversation…

“This pig is small because he’s far away on the hill.”

“The tractor is bigger than the barn because it’s really close and the barn is really far.”

farm animal collage

They didn’t realize it and didn’t even care that they were sharing what they knew about perspective in a 2D picture. It was great hearing them share their knowledge without any prompting.

That’s the best kind of education.

Jaida, my first grader decided to forgo the collage-making and made some graphs instead. She wanted to poll the family members to find out if there were more dog-lovers (her sisters) or cat-lovers (her) in the house. Of course, I made sure that she understood it didn’t mean we would actually get an animal since my husband and I are horribly allergic to all things furry…

picture graphs

Some days I want to pull my hair out while we’re doing school because it seems like they aren’t learning anything. And then they turn around and surprise me at 8 o’clock at night while we’re having family time. *sigh* I wish they would be this interested in sharing their knowledge all the time….

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If you haven’t ordered your farm stickers yet, you need to! We had so much fun and still have a lot more stickers to use.

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