Do you need a fun and exciting new way to pair up students? We have just the thing! These free printable partner cards are a perfect way to get kids paired up and have fun doing it. They have a fun food theme, great as a food activity for preschoolers that doesn’t involve anything messy! Kids will love finding the pairs that go together.

Food pairs free printable partner cards for kids

Recommended Grade Level:

Food Pair Partner Card Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Tape or Hot Glue

Partner Activities for Preschool:


You can use these cards as a circle time activity! Have kids stand in a circle with their cards. Instead of setting them on their own to find their partner, work as a team to pair everyone up.

free printable food theme partner cards: avocado-toast, ketchup-mustard

Why Use Partner Pairing Cards?


  • This is a fun partner game for preschoolers, just finding pairs and matching up can be your whole activity!
  • Perfect for when you want students to work together and have no preference how kids are matched up.
  • Using these partner cards saves time, you won’t have to create pairings ahead of time.
  • They can also be used as an independent game.
Free printable food pair partner cards

What Else Can These Partner Cards Teach Kids?

Learn Food Groups: Use the cards in a nutrition themed unit to discuss the different food groups. Kids can even sort the cards into the right groups.

Use Problem Solving Skills: Children will need to carefully consider which pairs go together and why.

Take Turns: If you use the cards during circle time or whole group time, students will learn to wait their turn to be paired up with their food match.

Use Social Skills: As kids look through the cards and start matching them up, they can have discussions with their peers about what foods they like and dislike.

Free printable food pairs partner cards for partner games

How To Use These Partner Match Up Cards

All you need to do is print the food match up cards onto white card stock and laminate them. Consider taping each card to a popsicle stick. This will help little hands have an easier time holding and keeping track of their card.

Give each child a card (make sure that all cards can be paired up!). Then tell them you will be playing a fun game where each child finds their card’s pair.

I suggest modeling this for younger children. Grab two cards and show children how they match up.

Other Ways To Use the Free Partner Cards:

Sensory Bin: Need food theme ideas for preschoolers? Use these cards in a sensory bin! Add your favorite filler and have kids find and match the cards.

Relay Race: Put kids in small groups and see how fast they can match up their cards!

Scavenger Hunt: Hide or display one half of the cards around the room and have students find the right pairs.

More Food Theme Activities!

Don’t stop here! Seriously, what kid doesn’t love playing with their food? So, naturally, learning with their food has to be a favorite too…

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Free printable partner cards food pair theme
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