Like any other parent, I’m not a big fan of dirt in my house and on my floors. I prefer no one wear shoes in the house and vacuum multiple times a week. My boys are practically dirt magnets, which I don’t mind as long as they keep it outside.

Another thing my kids are magnets for are snacks. The combination of dirt and snacks usually doesn’t go well together… until now. This Oreo dirt pudding snack cup is perfect for kids and adults without the mess. This easy dirt pudding recipe is a great way to get your kids in the kitchen and work on multiple developmental skills. More gummy worms for me please!

Easy dirt pudding snacks for kids

Making Snacks With Kids

dirt pudding recipe with oreos


  • What is the next step after washing my hands?
  • How many cups do I need?
  • What ingredients do I need to make my dessert recipe?
  • What does my food taste like? Is it salty, sweet, sour, or bitter.

It’s important for kids of all ages to practice using their fine motor skills to cut, pour, stir, and pinch. The dirt pudding cups with worms can also teach our kids how to follow multiple step directions and problem solve.

This dirt pudding Oreo recipe can be made with an individual child, a pair of children, or a small group.

You can also use these dirt pudding with gummy worms treat in any part of your child’s day-

  • For a mid- afternoon snack
  • During a rainy day inside
  • After a lesson on earthworms
  • Before discussing the layers of soil
  • As a boredom buster when the whining begins
finished oreo dirt pudding cups with gummy worms

What Skills Can Preschoolers Learn From Cooking?

dirt pudding with worms


  • Measurement and math
  • Communication and following directions
  • Descriptive language and vocabulary
  • Cooperation and turn taking
dirt pudding cups with oreos on top and gummy worms

Why Is It Important For Kids To Make Things?

Besides the fact that kids love making things, there are so many other reasons you should pull out the crushed Oreos, pudding mix, and whipped topping.

Inspire Creativity

By cooking and creating, children can become inspired to explore and build upon their creativity and interests. Maybe by making the worm dirt pudding cups, they will be inspired to make a worm farm out of playdough.

Develop Vocabulary

Ask your child to describe the taste, look, or feel of the dirt chocolate pudding recipe. Continue to ask open-ended how and why questions in order to get those little gears turning and verbal skills growing.

Make a Positive Connection

It’s important to bond and make a positive connection with your child in order to strengthen social and emotional skills. When you are working together, playing togethers, and laughing together, a child’s relationship becomes stronger with you.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Stirring the pudding mixture, spooning the instant pudding mix into the individual cups, and washing the large bowl can help develop fine motor skills.

How To Make the Oreo Dirt Cups

How to Make the Snack


  • Pudding cups  
  • Oreos  
  • Gummy worms  
  • Green sprinkles 
  • Ziploc sandwich bag 
  • Rolling pin


Place the desired amount of Oreos in the bag. Close the bag and seal well. 

Use the rolling pin to break up and crush the Oreos until they are crumbled up well. The cream will mix and blend into the mixture. 

Open the pudding cups. Place gummy worms inside each cup. Then, add in a spoonful or two of the cookie crumble mix. 

Top with green sprinkles. 

Serve immediately or chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve!

ingredients for easy dirt pudding recipe
oreos in a zip top bag for dirt pudding
crushed oreos in a zip top bag

Coloring Sorting/Graphing

Use the multi-colored gummy worms to sort and graph each color. Which has the most? Do any colors have the same amount?

Create a Book

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S.T.E.M Exploration

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Worms in dirt pudding with oreos snack for kids
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