You have your heart shaped cookies, cupcakes topped with red and pink sprinkles, and valentine conversation heart candy ready to go! You’re all set for your Valentine’s themed snacks and all that’s left is planning your beverages. It can be so hard to find holiday themed kid’s drinks. But don’t worry. I have the perfect solution. This Love Potion Juice Box Valentine’s Day Card for Kids will add a fun twist to your child’s lunch or party drink! After all, everything tastes better when you give it a cool name.

– Life Over C's Free Printable Love Potion Valentines

Recommended Grade Level:

Love Potion Valentine Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Hole Punch
  • Capri Sun Juice Pouches

This juice box label can also help make a juice box or pouch into a super cute Valentine to hand out to classmates, students, or friends. What is not to love about a delicious Valentine gift you can drink!

Whether you have been planning your Valentine’s treats for months, or you are looking for a last minute addition to your snack spread, this free printable juice box label will make a great addition to your holiday party.

How To Plan A Fun and Engaging Valentine’s Day:

On Valentine’s Day you may have a classroom (or household) full of excited children. Holidays are always so much fun and it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with joy about celebrating!

Planning themed activities will help keep your little ones focused and channel their energy into some productive learning experiences!

  • Use your conversation hearts or another heart valentines candy to play this fun counting game! Learners will love practicing counting to ten and one hundred, as well as working on one to one correspondence.
  • Practice letter recognition with this easy spin and stamp activity your kids will love. Practice the letter “V” for Valentine’s Day, or work on some of the letters of your child’s name.
  • Play this fun “I Spy” game! What a great way to work on counting, vocabulary development, and hunt for a variety of valentine themed objects.
  • Create an interactive pretty pink sensory bin that will keep your little one busy for hours.
  • Get your kids involved in creating their own valentines. Using scissors, glue, glitter, and stickers are all fantastic for fine motor skills. Check out some of the fun ideas below for DIY cards!
– Life Over C's The finished Love Potion Juice Box Valentine's Day Card for Kids.

How To Create Your Own DIY Children’s Valentine’s Day Cards:

Family and friends love home made kids valentine’s cards that have been created especially for them. Here are a few helpful tips and DIY valentine ideas for kids!

  • Be prepared for a little mess! Use newspaper or white rolls of paper to cover your table before you start for an easy clean up.
  • Keep materials in small containers or bowls to keep the supplies organized and so your kids can easily pass materials back and forth.
  • Make an outline of a heart using white Elmer’s glue and then sprinkle glitter on top for a sparkly, raised heart on your card.
  • Use foam letters to write messages or spell out Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Include a picture of your little one for an adorable photo card idea.

These ideas work year round for other cards like anniversary or birthday cards too.

What To Do With Valentine’s Day Cards:

After their super fun Valentine’s party, your little one may be left with lots of Valentine’s that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. Here are some ideas of what you can do with them!

  • Glue all of the valentines to a piece of construction paper and hang it on the wall in your child’s room. This will solve the problem of valentine cards lying all around your house.
  • Practice counting skills by adding up all the valentines your child received.
  • Work on name and letter recognition by reading the names on the cards and any special phrases they might say!

How To Use This Love Potion Valentine’s Day Card:

You know I love a super easy, low prep activity, and this card is no exception.

All you need to do is download the sheet of cards, print them onto white card stock, cut them out, and you are ready to go!

Have your child write their name on the “from” line. If they are too young to write their whole name you can write it for them, have them trace it, or have them just write the first letter of their name.

Then all you need to do is attach them to your juice box!

I used Capri Suns, but you can really use any juice box you would like.

If you are using a juice pouch like a Capri Sun, you can punch a hole in the side of the card and stick it right onto the straw.

If you have a juice box where the straw wrapper is glued to the side of the box, then you can tape or glue the card right onto the box.

Either way you will be left with a super sweet Valentine!

More Options For Cute Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids:

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day cards for kindergarten or preschool and you want the prep work done for you, check out these other free printable kids valentines cards for school or home use!

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– Life Over C's Free Printable Love Potion Valentines
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