I love a good snack! My kids love snacks. Honestly, who doesn’t love a good snack?! An added bonus is when you can pair a tasty treat with a fun theme.

Easter time usually means chocolate, jellybeans, and more sugary snacks. It’s great to switch our goodies up sometimes to include a healthier, baked snack.

Our easy Goldfish carrot snack is the perfect way to provide a snack as well as practicing fine motor skills. These adorable carrot treats will have anyone hop, hop, hopping like a bunny!

Recommended Grade Level/Uses

For Easter Carrot Snack Bags:

Preschool kindergarten early elementary upper elementary
special education speech therapy occupational therapy
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Easter Snacks For Preschool

Easter carrot treat bags


  • What is the next step after washing my hands?
  • How many cups do I need?
  • What ingredients do I need to make my snack?
  • What does my food taste like? Is it salty, sweet, sour, or bitter.

It’s important for kids of all ages to practice using their fine motor skills to cut, pour, stir, and pinch. The carrot shaped treat bags can also teach our kids how to follow multiple step directions and problem solve.

This easy carrot snack bags (DIY) can be made with an individual child, a pair of children, or a small group.

You can also use this carrot Goldfish Easter treat in any part of your child’s day-

  • For a mid-morning snack
  • During a snow storm or rainy day
  • After a classroom activity or assignment was finished
  • For a road trip
  • As a boredom buster when the whining begins
Easter carrot treat bags filled with goldfish crackers

What Skills Can Preschoolers Learn From Cooking?

Easter snacks for kids


  • Measurement and math
  • Communication and following directions
  • Descriptive language and vocabulary
  • Cooperation and turn taking
Supplies for carrot treat bags filled with goldfish crackers

Why Is It Important For Kids To Make Crafts And Projects?

Besides the fact that kids love making things, there are so many other reasons you should pull out the scissors, whisks, and string.

Ribbon for tying carrot shaped treat bags filled with goldfish crackers

“My multi-aged group loved this even more than I thought they would! “

My kiddos love this! I use it for early finishers or in the morning while they are staggering in during breakfast. They are very engaged and enjoy playing!

How To Make The Goldish Easter Carrot Snack

How to Make the Snack


cone treat bags (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MFYSSCV

orange snack (goldfish, cheese balls, Cheetos, etc.) 

green ribbon


How To Make The Snack

Fill each cone treat bag about ¾ full with desired snack choice. Do not overfill! For this snack, I used goldfish crackers.

Twist the top of the bag. Cut the desired length of ribbon and tie the ribbon around the top of the bag. 

Use your scissors to curl the ribbon (it’s best to have an adult help with this step!) 

Serve your snack or display at your next gathering or holiday party! Or, use as a lunchbox snack.

Text says: carrot snacks Easter snack for kids Shows: Carrot treat bags filled with Goldfish crackers

Our Favorite Easter Books for Kids:

We can’t live without these!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

Color Graphing

Use the multi-colored Goldfish crackers to sort and graph each color. Which has the most? Do any colors have the same amount?

Goldfish Counting Cards

Use the Goldfish Counting Cards along with the Goldfish snack to practice counting to numbers 1 to 10.

Goldfish Letter Matching

Practice identifying and matching uppercase and lowercase letters with the Goldfish letter matching game.

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Carrot shaped treat bags filled with goldfish crackers

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