We love crafting in our home! I think we have more craft supplies than anything else in our house. Fall is always a good opportunity to sit down with kids and think about some quick and easy crafts we could make when it is too cold or too windy or too rainy to go outside. It’s a great time to explore all the fun fall crafts with kids! From apples to colorful leaves, owls and scarecrows, there are so many themes in fall!

Pick out a few of the basic crafting supplies for fall crafts like:

  • Construction paper
  • Origami paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Wool
  • Air dry clay

Make sure to check an exact list of needed supplies when you choose one of these fun fall crafts!

  1. Younger kids will love working on scissor skills with this simple, yet adorable, scarecrow cut and paste craft.
  2. Grab some craft supplies from the dollar store and create with this super cute fine motor pumpkin craft for preschoolers!
  3. Hoot! Hoot! We love owls, especially when they are as cute as these owl origami corner bookmarks! You probably already have a book lover in mind who would love to have a few of them for their books!
  4. Do you enjoy walks around the park during the fall season? My kids love picking up colorful leaves and always try to find the best preserved ones. Is the same with your kids? If you are looking for an idea what to do with those leaves once you come home, we suggest making leaf lanterns!
  5. Do you have some old newspaper in your recycle bin? Get them out and invite kids to color them in fall colors. Next? Cut them out and turn them into a lovely newspaper leaf garland to decorate your home!
  6. My kids fell in love with pom pom fox on first sight! No wonder when you take into account how cute this little fox looks! This would also make a perfect birthday gift for a friend whose birthday is during the fall season.
  7. Another amazing gift idea you can make yourself are wonderful leaf print bowls. They look so good when done that gift receiver will think you purchased them in a store!
  8. Kids are always fascinated with things that move! They will love making autumn tree twirlers and you can hang them on your porch to move as wind blows!
  9. If you are looking for an art and craft combination, you can invite kids to make apple print puppets. They can also be used to discuss different feelings and emotions through play.
  10. Working with clay is an amazing sensory experience for kids! Have they tried it before? We love apple pinch pots and they are perfect for this season!
  11. Scarecrows are common crafting theme for fall season. We found 3 scarecrow crafts your kids will enjoy making! 
  12. You probably have few egg cartons you left in your recycle bin for crafting purposes? We always keep them! To be honest, it’s hard to tell this apple craft is made from those plain cardboard egg cartons!

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I’d love to hear which of these crafts you like the most! Let me know in comments!

I also love how all of these crafts are easy and inexpensive to make. They also take a little time and would be perfect for short breaks with kids after a long day at work.

Use it as a bonding opportunity with your kids!

And, if you liked these crafts, you will love a new book by my friend Maggy from Red Ted Art named Easy Paper Projects. She included simple crafts for all seasons and many holidays to make sure you are inspired for year round crafting!

Grab the Easy Paper Projects Book Here

Easy Paper Projects book by Maggy Woodley for crafting with kids!
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