I Spy Printable Games for Kids

I Spy is an absolute favorite activity for my kids. We play it all.the.time!

The game can be played individually or with partners. Kids always have a blast making up clues for pictures to find and seeing how fast they can find the right pictures.

Here are some fun I Spy Activities for Kids that you can enjoy with your children! There is something to fit any time of the year and can be enjoyed by kids young and older!

Fun themes, great inspiration!

I Spy for Kindergarten and Preschool

If you have never played I Spy before, it is a super easy and fun activity that you can do with no planning. No matter where you are all you have to do is “find” an object and say ‘I spy with my little eye something….” and give a simple clue of the object the other person is searching for.

The person who guesses correctly gets to pick the next “I Spy” object. There are no winners with this game because it can go on forever making it perfect for kids who can get a little too competitive. (You don’t have any of those do you!?!?)

The easy, free I Spy worksheets included here are great for kids to play alone or you can use them for a guessing game with friends, family or classmates as well.

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I Spy Activities for Kids

I Spy Activity Sheets

These easy I Spy printables are a great way to introduce the I Spy game for kids. With fun themes to use throughout the year, your preschoolers and kindergarteners won’t even realize the skills that they are building while they are playing!

These easy I Spy worksheets are perfect for when you need a fun activity but are short on time and supplies. You don’t need anything special to play, just the printable! Add these pages during a holiday break, as a rainy day activity or even use them as a brain break during learning time.

From seasons to holidays, there is an I Spy game printable for anytime of the year!

I Spy Free Printable Pictures and Posters

It’s always a bonus when you can incorporate a second language into your activities! The following pictures and posters come in English and Spanish. These I Spy pictures printable will support children learning their colors, a perfect I Spy for preschool, where colors is always one of the big topics!

The I Spy sheets also include posters to allow children to work on vocabulary development in both languages. Support those students who are learning English while also developing some Spanish speaking skills in English speakers!

I Spy Color Pictures and Posters

I Spy 2D Shapes Pictures and Posters

Hands-on Free I Spy Games

Looking to do more than complete an I Spy printable worksheet? These activities are hands-on and fit a variety of subjects.

They are perfect for preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten age children! Sensory activities and hands-on play is always an important part of early learning experiences.

There are so many ways to use I Spy games that get students actively involved in play. We have posts to work on letter recognition, easy sensory play and more!

So many I Spy pages to choose from whether you are working on counting, letters or just looking for a fun sensory activity! Which I Spy activity will you choose first?!? Don’t worry! You can try them all!

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