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This time of year, it’s always good to have some simple things to pull out for the kids to do. With all the rushing and busyness of the Christmas season, having some Christmas games to play is a great way to bring some quiet time into your life. These free printable Christmas games for preschoolers are perfect since most kids can use them independently, though they can be two player activities if you want.

Two fun Christmas games for preschoolers. Use them just for fun or to practice matching & graphing skills. Also great for keeping kids busy while you wrap presents ;)

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Materials needed for the Christmas Games for Preschoolers


Laminating pouches & laminator

Paper fasteners

Paper clips

Game markers

To prep both activities: Print, laminate and assemble the spinners.

To assemble the spinners, after laminating, poke a hole through the center of the spinner graphic. Thread one end of a paper clip onto a paper fastener, then push the paper fastener through the hole in the paper. Open the backings of the paper fastener and secure with tape if desired.

The two activities in this Christmas game set, just like the Thanksgiving game set that I shared, are simple enough for a young preschooler with some assistance and also great for early elementary kids who are wanting to do something on their own.

The first activity is a Spin & Cover game. This can be played independently by spinning the spinner and covering a picture that matches what was spun. Or it can be played with two players as a game of Bump!

To play Bump!:

-Spin the spinner.

-Put a place marker on the matching picture.

-If the other player has a place marker on that picture you can “Bump” them off and put your marker on.

-If you already have a place marker on that picture, you can place a second place marker on top to freeze the number. Frozen pictures cannot be “Bumped”.

-The game ends when all the pictures have been frozen.

-The winner is the player with the most pictures frozen.

Two fun Christmas games for preschoolers. Use them just for fun or to practice matching & graphing skills. Also great for keeping kids busy while you wrap presents ;)

The second activity is a Spin & Graph activity. By laminating this page it can be used over and over. To use have your child spin the spinner and mark a space on the graph to show what was spun. Continue until one of the columns reaches the top.

Then, he can circle the picture with the most spins.

Just wipe the board clear to start a new round.

You can also turn this into a game by printing two boards. Take turns spinning and see who reaches the top of a column first.

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Christmas theme printable games for kids

Download the Free Printable Christmas Games for Preschoolers here.

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  1. This is such a great game I can’t wait to play it with my preschooler this morning. And the spinner idea is just brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂