Fidget spinners are totally the rage here! My daughter begged and begged for one and now that she has one, it goes everywhere with her. I decided to harness her obsession love for all things ‘fidget spinner’ and create some learning activities for her. The Fidget Spinner 2D Shape Graph Free Printable is a great way to learn about 2D shapes in kindergarten while graphing shapes and spinning away.

2D shape spinner graph activity for kindergarten

Recommended Grade Level:

2D Shape Graph Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Gems/Counters
  • Small Sticker
  • Laminating Materials (optional)

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Teaching 2D Shapes in Kindergarten



Since shape identification and graphing skills are both introduced in Kindergarten, why not pair them up?! This activity is a great way to both teach graphing and review or learn shapes.

I like to include 2D shapes worksheets, games, and activities in my lesson plans all year. Students are either still learning them, or enjoying a fun game to develop automaticity in naming them or to begin describing them.

The shapes included in this hands-on math activity include: diamond, oval, rectangle, octagon, triangle, hexagon, square, and circle.

I like to teach 2D graphing with preschoolers and kindergarteners in small groups. It’s a great activity to keep at the math center for independent or partner play.

In addition to practicing shape names while graphing 2D shapes, students can begin to describe characteristics of shapes:

  • Are the edges straight, curved, or both?
  • How many sides?
  • How many corners?
  • Can you find objects in the room that are the same shape?

What Do Graphing Activities For Preschool And Kindergarten Teach?



Introducing different types of graphs, like bar graphs, circle graphs and pie charts, give students valuable background knowledge for future math.

Students will become comfortable reading graphs as well:

  • Which shape was spun the most/least?
  • How many more/less squares were spun than circles?
  • How many spins did you complete all together?
  • Can you predict the winner/loser?

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About Shapes?

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Learning about shapes is an important foundational skill in math.

Compare and Contrast

Learning shapes helps children’s brains get better at comparing and contrasting objects. It gives them valuable practice sorting and classifying as well.


Learning to identify and name shapes gives children new vocabulary. Describing them introduces a whole other set of other math terms that will be expanded upon in future learning.

Numbers and Letters

When children begin to learn letters and numbers, they see them simply as shapes. Background knowledge about actual shapes helps them learn these new “shapes.”

Spatial Relations

Children build upon spatial relations when they learn to identify shapes. Completing a puzzle or putting shapes into appropriate holes are great ways to put spatial relations into play.

How to Make The 2D Shape Graph Printable

Step One:

To use: Print the 2D Shape Spinner and Graph. (Available in color and black & white.)

Step Two:

Grab a fidget spinner and place a small sticker on one spoke. I recommend not using your child’s favorite fidget spinner because the sticker may damage the spinner if they try to remove it.

Step Three:

Have your child spin the spinner.

Step Four:

Then graph the picture that the sticker lands on. Continue until one of the shapes has reached the top of the graph.

Step Five:

Extend the activity by talking to your child about the results. 

Which shape has the most? The least? Did any shapes have the same amount of spins? Can you find the shape on our shape posters?

What will happen if we try the activity again? Will the shapes have the same amount?

This fidget spinner 2D shape graph free printable is a great way to learn about 2D Shapes, graphing and do lots of spinning! Make math fun for your kindergarteners with this low-prep printable.

Pattern Blocks

Use pattern blocks with the graphing activity so children must spin, find the correct block, then graph it.

Use the Spinner

Use the spinner to spin a color instead of a shape. Children can spin, then find a toy car/animal/figure that is the same color as the shape on the spinner.

Counting Practice

Instead of just dumping the gems back into a bin when the activity is complete, ask kids to count them as they place them away. Then they will also know how many spins they did!

2D shape spinner graph activity for kindergarten
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