Nothing screams summer to me more than a nice tall glass of ice cold lemonade. Lemonade activities are one of my favorite summer themes. Summer theme preschool activities are a wonderful way to extend learning from the previous school year, or introduce new concepts to your child. These Lemonade Theme Free Printable 2D Shape Posters are the perfect way to work on shape identification with a fun summer theme.

Free Printable Lemonade Shape Posters

Recommended Grade Level:

Lemonade Shape Poster Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Dry Erase Marker

Teaching shapes to preschoolers has never been easier with these fun shape posters for preschool classroom or home use.

This lemonade activity for preschool is not only super easy to prepare, but also really simple to make a re-useable activity.

What Shapes Should Preschoolers Know?

Preschool kids learn shapes at their own pace. Some may pick up on shapes very quickly, and others may need some extra review and practice.

There is no right or wrong way to teach shapes to preschoolers!

Hands on learning activities are my favorite for teaching shapes. The more you can get your child involved in the activity and learning, the better!

This lemonade summer preschool shape themed activity has practice for the following shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, oval, trapezoid, octagon, pentagon, hexagon, parallelogram, star.

Once your child masters 2D shapes, be sure to check out some of our 3D shape activities to teach shapes for preschoolers.

Overhead view of the Lemonade Theme Free Printable 2D Shape Posters.

How To Use These 2D Shape Posters Free Printables:

To prepare this activity, simply print, laminate, and cut out the posters. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

One of the best things about these shape posters is that they are incredibly versatile.

With three different styles of posters and two different I Spy page options, you can mix and match or use each set individually to help your child learn shapes.

Here are just a few of the many activities you can do with these shape posters!

Shape Word Wall

Hang the full or half page shape posters up for a fun shape wall! Use a bulletin board to display them, or hang them up around your classroom or home.

Print out an extra copy of the pages for a fun interactive matching game! Give your child the extra set and have them find the match around the room or on the bulletin board.

Shape I Spy

Hide the full size or half size shape posters around your classroom, home, or even back yard. Pick one of the I Spy Sheets and have your child go on a shape hunt!

Use a dry erase marker to check off the shapes as your child finds them.

For a challenge, see if your child can find a real world object, shape block, or piece of nature that matches each shape.

Shape Book

Assemble any of the three shape posters (full size, half size, or quarter size) into a book. Keep it in your car, diaper bag, or playroom for a colorful shape reference book.

Keep the book handy when you are reading stories and have your child match images in the illustrations to the shapes in their shape book.

If you laminate the pages of your book, you can have your child trace the pictures and words with a dry erase marker.

Shape Matching Game

Print out two sets of whichever poster set you would like to use.

If doing the activity with a class of students, pass out the posters and have the children find the shape that matches theirs.

If doing the activity with only one student, flip all the posters over so they are face down on the floor. Have your child play a memory style game and turn two cards over at a time until they have found all the matches.

Close up of the printed lemonade theme shape poster.

Other Ways To Use These Shape Activities For Preschoolers:

  • Create a shape collage. Paste one of the 2D free printable shape posters onto the middle of a large piece of construction paper or poster board. Hunt through magazines and cut out pictures that are the same shape, or draw shapes onto the collage.
  • Search through summer themed lemonade books for preschool and see what shapes you can find.
  • Hide shape blocks, shape puzzle pieces, or pattern blocks in a sensory bin. As your child finds the blocks, see if they can match the shape to the lemonade preschool theme posters.
  • Practice drawing the shapes in a sand or salt tray. This is wonderful fine motor activity!
  • Cut different sized shapes out of construction paper. See if your child can create a fun picture, shape monster, or shape creature with the pieces you cut out.

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2d Shape Posters and I Spy Game lemonade theme
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