Fall is the perfect time to take a nature walk or hike! We love going on outdoor adventures, having scavenger hunts, and seeing what we can find! One thing my little ones love searching for is mushrooms! There’s just something about mushrooms that intrigues young children! My kids love examining the different shapes and colors of the mushrooms we find. Mushrooms are the perfect fall theme to incorporate into our learning activities. These Free Printable Mushroom Counting Grids For Preschool are great for any little learner who loves the outdoors and is working on practicing counting skills!

Mushroom Mini Eraser Counting Grids Printable.

Recommended Grade Level:

Mushroom Mini Eraser Counting Grids Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Differentiated Instruction Cube or Dice
  • Mushroom Erasers or Pom Poms

Preschoolers will love this fun activity! Little learners will love rolling the die and seeing how many erasers they get to put on the number grid next!

Interactive games that practice numbers and counting are my preschooler’s favorite! We always jump at any opportunity we get to play a game instead of doing a math worksheet!

What Math Should Preschoolers Know?

Preschool lesson plans should be full of opportunities for sensory play, social skill development, and basic math skills! The following are some basic math skills that preschoolers should know:

Writing numbers and understanding the concepts of addition and subtraction are other skills you can work on with your preschooler if they have mastered the concepts listed above!

Number activities like this counting game and free preschool counting worksheets are great ways to practice math skills!

How To Use This Free Preschool Counting Game:

I can count to 10 mushroom counting grid card.

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This game comes in a few different versions, which makes it great for differentiation! Here are some options that you have with this game:

  • Counting grids for counting up to 10, 20, and 100!
  • Dice cards 1-3 and 1-6.
  • English or Spanish! Perfect for Dual Language Learners or ELL students!

Print the grids and dice cards that you want to use with your learners.

I like to print on card stock and laminate the grids, or slip them into clear plastic sleeves. This helps make the game a little more durable so you can use it multiple times!

If you have a differentiated instruction cube, cut out the dice cards and slip the pieces into the pockets on the cube. If you do not have a cube, you can use a regular die!

Have your little one roll the die. The number of mushrooms (or dots) that appears face up on the die is the number of erasers they will count out and place onto the number grid.

I can count to 20 counting cards printable.

Let your preschooler choose where to place the erasers on the counting grid! Once the grid is filled up, clear it off and play again!

Other Ways To Use This Counting Activity For Preschoolers:

I can count to 100 counting card with a mini mushroom erasers.

With a few small modifications, you can use this simple counting game for preschoolers to practice other math skills!

  • Practice addition facts! Roll the die two times. Record the numbers your little one rolls. Write them on paper or a white board. Use the number grid to solve the problem!
  • Use the 10s and 100s grid to help introduce place value!
  • Instead of clearing the board once it is full, leave the erasers on. Continue rolling and this time take away (subtract) the erasers!
  • Talk about patterns as the board is filling up! Use different erasers to create different object or color patterns as you add them!

Other Fall Preschool Activities:

  • Make a fall themed sensory bin! Little ones love sensory activities and they are great for their development!
  • Write letters or numbers on leaves or cards for your little ones to find!
  • Crafting makes for a fun fall activity! Create some decorations with fall leaves and pumpkins like this coffee filter fall garland activity!
  • We love to read books to go along with our fall preschool themed activities! These are some of our favorites with a mushroom theme!

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

Mushroom Counting Grids For Preschool Featured Image
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