Transportation is a big theme in our family right now. Since we just moved into the RV that we are supposed to be living in for the next two years and we’ve just started our nationwide travels, we’ve been checking out all the different vehicles that we pass on the roads. So I’ve made a series of Transportation Theme Free Printables that I will be sharing over the next few blog posts. Be sure to check back to get the rest!

Today’s transportation theme free printable is for making patterns.

transportation pattern cards and pattern guide book

I’ve created a flip book of different patterns to create with the nine different types of transportation. They cover ABAB, ABBA, ABC, and AABB patterns.

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For kids who are just beginning patterns, you could have them simply copy the exact patterns in the flip book. For the next level have them repeat the pattern as many times as they can before they run out of cards.

transportation theme patterns

After that you could have the kids create some more complex patterns such as the ones we created using the Complex Pattern Free Printable with apples.

For my littlest one, we’ve just been using the cards to learn different types of transportation. Her favorite one right now is the “ruck” with a very close second being the “rain” (not to be confused with the “wain”, which would be the water that falls from the sky…lol! Gotta love “little kid speak”.) We’re working on obtaining Shiloh’s recommendations for home speech therapy, so I’m sure I will be sharing a lot more printables and activities we use get her talking. She loves to point at all the different pictures and create words for them.

transportation themed printable cards for patterns

The pattern flip book is a great tool for encouraging language development because it is repetitive (imagine that!) Kids can use the same words over and over which will help the words to become part of their everyday language.

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transportation pattern cards and pattern guide book
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