If we know one thing about littles, we know they LOVE to move! Add movement to just about any academic skill and suddenly it’s the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. This Kindergarten Number Line Activity for Frog Theme is a perfect interactive number line to get your young learners excited about numbers!

– Life Over C's Get hopping with this Frog number line for numbers to 20. Practice addition and subtraction with a fun kinesthetic approach!

Recommended Grade Level:

Frog Number Line Activity:

  • Green Paper
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Scotch Tape

Not only does this free printable contain adorable frogs that can be used and reused to build number lines, but it also contains leveled cards so this game can be differentiated for groups of learners PLUS it can grow with your own learner as his/her number sense builds.

Why are number lines important?

Number lines are a great way for young learners to build number sense.

What is number sense? Simply put, number sense is a person’s ability to understand, relate, and connect numbers. 

A strong number sense is essential because it encourages children to think flexibly and promotes confidence.

Children who have a strong number sense understand number relationships and are confident in manipulating numbers to problem solve.

Number lines are also an easy way for children to “see” how to solve an addition or subtraction problem.

Students can use this printable number line to hop from number to number! It’s great to help kids identify numbers as well as solve addition and subtraction problems!

Using the leveled cards in this activity will enable you to meet each of your students at his/her developmental level! I love that there are so many different mathematical levels addressed!

Children learn best when presented with hands-on activities and you can use these frogs and cards to let students interact with math problems!

How should I use this activity?

First, print the frog number cards.

There are 2 editions to choose from. You can print the frogs in green or you can choose the black/white version and print on green paper.

You will also want to print and laminate the four levels of cards. You might want to do this on cardstock too. A little trick I use is copying each level on a different color. Then, you can quickly differentiate who gets which card!

Next, make the hats! How fun are these? Your kids will LOVE sporting these adorable hats while hopping on the number line or talking about the kindergarten life cycle of a frog!

There are several ways you can use this activity based on learner levels:

  • Let them be frogs! RIBBIT! After they cut out and create their frog hats, you might need to give them a few minutes to hop out their excitement! I usually tell my students “you have 3 minutes to be a frog. Hop it out!!”
  • Tape the frogs on the floor so that it is sequential to 20. Let students put on their hats and explore the number line! Start with simple number skills like “Hop to number 14” and move up to solving more complex math problems using the leveled cards.
  • Play mystery number. Tape the numbers on the floor. Cover one of the numbers with a lily pad. Have students identify the missing number.
  • Give each student a numbered frog. Start a timer. Have them sequence themselves into a human number line! This activity helps with number sense, problem-solving, and teamwork! They will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning!
  • Place the printed frogs in a box wrapped in blue paper (a pond). The student then pulls out a frog. Based on ability, students can participate in different mathematical questions from simple questions like identifying the number to more complex problem solving greater than, less than questions.
  • Using the frogs taped in number lines to 20 on the floor, have kids pull out cards from the box and solve one of the math problems. Let the kids hop to the correct answer! Don’t forget the cards are leveled
  • Make this an interdisciplinary unit and introduce the life cycle of a frog!
  • Introduce a frog week and read non-fiction and fiction books about frogs! Your students can wear their frog hats whenever you are learning about frogs!
– Life Over C's girl wearing frog crown playing frog number line and looking at kindergarten math activity cards

There are four levels of cards:

Four ways to play and learn numbers, addition and subtraction on the Frog Number Line.

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– Life Over C's Get hopping with this Frog number line for numbers to 20. Practice addition and subtraction with a fun kinesthetic approach!

Get the Frog Number Line Here

– Life Over C's
– Life Over C's download this printable on Teachers Pay Teachers
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