Alphabet Spin & Cover Printables and Centers

If your goal is to make learning fun, this packet will help you achieve that goal! Your students will have fun building letter recognition with these fun Alphabet Spin & Cover activities.

Alphabet Spin & Cover pages

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There are two printing options: Color and Black & White.

Printed in color and laminated, these make great word work centers.

Printed in black and white they make versatile printables that you can use for individual work or centers. This can be done with bingo daubers or crayons.

To use as centers without laminating, simply place one of the pages into a protective sleeve such as a page protector, plastic pocket or an unsealed individual laminating pouch. This will allow you to have color without the additional cost of laminating each page.

Materials Needed:

Laminating Pouch
Paper Clip

Materials For B&W Option: Crayons or Daubers

To use these activities:

Before you are ready to start playing, use a pencil and paper clip to create a spinner.
Alternatively, for use in a center, you can also create a fixed spinner using a brad and paper clip.

Spin and then cover a letter that matches the type of letter that was spun: uppercase or lowercase.

You can also play this alphabet activity as a partner game by taking turns spinning and covering. There does not need to be a winner, this is just a fun team effort game. Its just plain fun.

If using these as individual printables you can have the students color the circles with crayons or bingo daubers.

For letters with an upppercase and lowercase that look similar, I have carefully made sure to show the lowercase letters in a smaller font size to differentiate between the two.

Your kids will enjoy playing this game and practicing the difference between upper and lowercase letters.

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