I have got just the right activity to keep your little one “Beezy”!!! With these Maze and I Spy Activities for Preschool, your child will not only practice hand/eye coordination and problem solving but counting and cardinality as well! Your child will be having so much fun, he/she won’t realize they are learning! You will be amazed with how these free printable mazes build so many skills. In addition, I know many of us have a Bee theme preschool and these activities will fit perfectly into your classroom.

Bee I-Spy and Maze

Recommended Grade Level:

Bee Themed I Spy & Maze Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Pencil

While completing the I Spy preschool game, your child will be able to build memory and learning skills in a fun way! Having a good working memory will help your student perform and learn new skills!

The Bee Printable Maze for preschoolers is spectacular for boosting problem solving skills while improving patience and persistence.

Why should my child work on I spy Activities and Mazes?

Memory is like a muscle. It is strengthened with repetition and practice.

I Spy games for kids strengthen working memory which is important for our young learners. Working memory is holding onto something you know while trying to find out more or expand your knowledge.

I Spy preschool printables will also help enhance visual discrimination. The ability to recognize visual details in a picture will ultimately help students decipher letters and shapes. Believe it or not, I Spy games can help build emergent reading skills!

Mazes help build problem solving skills, persistence and hand eye coordination. Who would have ever guessed how great these puzzles are for kids and adults?

Child's hand pointing to a bee hive on a bee-themed i-spy sheet.

How does my preschooler complete the Bee Activities?

Encourage your child to use one to one correlation to locate and count the different items in the I Spy printable. They can put a slash or mark on each item as it is counted.

You may want to remind your child to look at details. Give clues to differentiate. For example, “I notice there are different bees in the picture. How are they different?”

When looking for the items in the I Spy picture, encourage your child to look left to right and sweep down the page. This is a great way to practice a “reading” skill.

Help your child correctly form and write each number.

Completing the maze could get tricky. Make sure that your child works on it with a pencil just in case an eraser is necessary!

Buzzing bees hive maze for kids.

Encourage your preschooler to use a tripod grip while completing the maze. Slow and steady wins the race!

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