The smell of new box of sharpened crayons is one of the signs of the upcoming school year. Children will fill their bookbags with pencils, glue sticks, 3-ring binders, and character themed water bottles. Some children, and adults, may feel nervous about the beginning of a new school year, however it’s a chance to refresh and renew.

Our School I Spy game printable is the perfect way to practice important motor and cognitive skills- all while having a blast with friends! These scholarly and colorful I spy visual discrimination activities will have you picking out your new, first day outfit.

– Life Over C's School theme I spy board game for kids.

Recommended Grade Level:

School I Spy Flip Board Game Materials:

  • Paper or cardstock
  • Color printer
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Laminating materials
– Life Over C's School theme I spy board game for kids.

Learning About Memory Skills:

I SPY PRintable GAME


  • Where is that picture located?
  • What characteristics of the object will help me find it?
  • I remember seeing that picture before, how can I find it again?

It’s important for kids of all ages to practice using their memory and problem-solving skills in order to recognize visual details, enhance vocabulary, and follow multiple step directions.

This easy I Spy printable can be used with an individual child, a pair of children, or a small group.

A few examples of the School I spy images included in this printable are: crayons, glue sticks, rulers, apples, notebooks, school houses, and lunchboxes.

I spy can fit into any part of your child’s day-

  • While lunch is being prepared
  • Fun indoor activity during a rainy day
  • After a classroom activity or assignment was finished
  • The first day of school
  • As a boredom buster when the whining begins
  • Occupational therapy games

In addition to exercising a child’s working memory, here are more concepts to explore using the I Spy board game:

  • What colors are in that object?
  • What shapes make up the object?
  • What letter does that object start with?
– Life Over C's I spy ame boards with colorful school-themed images.

What Social Skills Can Preschoolers Learn?

Practicing social skills with the game i spy


  • Turn-taking and patience
  • Positive communication
  • Resilience after a loss
  • Cooperation
– Life Over C's I spy flip cards with school-themed images for kids to find.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Practice Memory Skills?

Besides the fact that kids love playing I Spy games, there are so many other reasons you should work on problem-solving and visual scanning activities with your child.

Develop a Child’s Focus

In order for children to be successful in finding matches, they must practice focusing on where objects are and concentrating on how to find them again.

Develop Visual Recognition

Children are using visuals and characteristics to quickly find a specific object. They will have to recognize colors, shapes and other distinctive features to locate the picture. This can be accomplished with fun games for kids.

Improving Short Term Memory

Processing data quickly is a product of short term memory. Practicing using your short term memory can also help strengthen long term memory and the ability to recall information at a later time.

Cognitive Sorting

A child’s brain needs to be able to sort the information of the objects they are seeing in order to narrow down where the specific object is. If the child flips a card with an apple on it, they must quickly sort which pictures are the color red.

– Life Over C's I spy game board and image cards.

“My multi-aged group loved this even more than I thought they would! “

My kiddos love this! I use it for early finishers or in the morning while they are staggering in during breakfast. They are very engaged and enjoy playing!

How To Use These I Spy School Game Printables

  • Choose your option below to get the printable pack.
  • Print, cut out, and laminate the activity for durability.

Using the “Flip” I Spy Game

Choose how many players will be participating in the game. Make sure to explain how the game is played and possibly model how to play it for them. This treasure hunt is great for younger kids and older kids.

Once the posters are laminated, there are many learning activities you can use them for, including using dry erase markers.

How Do I Play the I Spy School Activity Board Game?

Playing this I Spy Board game is simple.

  • Choose your I Spy game board.
  • Divide the cards evenly among the players.
  • Place the cards face down on the table.
  • All players flip their top cards at the same time.
  • Race to find the picture on your card first.
  • Whoever finds their picture first wins a token.
  • Play continues until the playing cards have all been used.
  • The player that has the most tokens at the end of the game is the winner.

Extend the Activity:

Sorting Cards

Use the image cards to practice sorting visual information like colors, shapes, and living vs. nonliving

Challenging Words

Create word cards and challenge students to identify the image with the corresponding word.

Creative Storytelling

Give your child the image cards from the I Spy School game and have them create a story using the pictures. This could be a great game for speech therapy sessions.

I Spy Game

Use the I Spy pages to play the classic game I Spy. Start the game with “I Spy with my little eye…” and engage the children with verbal cues to find the matching picture.

Extend the I Spy Activity

Use the I Spy activity for kids with books about school to locate the I Spy pictures.

Get I Spy Free Printables

In addition to our I Spy “Flip” Game series, we have 20+ I Spy Free Printables on Life Over C.s Get I Spy Worksheets, posters and games here.

Focus Skills

For I Spy “Flip” Board Game:

visual discrimination visual scanning working memory partner play Language Development cognitive sorting counting hand-eye coordination

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– Life Over C's School theme I spy board game for kids.
– Life Over C's School theme I spy board game for visual discrimination practice.

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