Aren’t mini erasers so cute?!? These tiny rockets newest in our collection of mini erasers and they make me so happy!  (I’m easily pleased…) But seriously, mini erasers are the perfect, little math manipulative because you can do so many things with them. This rocket mini eraser preschool math activity pack is full of patterns, sorting, ten-frames and more!

– Life Over C's Preschool math is fun with this free printable rocket mini eraser math activity pack. Patterns, ten-frames, sorting and more!

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Robot Mini Eraser Math Pack:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Pouches
  • Laminator
  • Robot Mini Erasers

Simple prep: Print & laminate the activities. Cut apart the counting cards. Assemble the three spinner activities by placing the paper clips onto the paper fasteners and poking them through the center of the spinners. Attach a small piece of tape to the back of the paper fastener to secure it.

Fun rocket math activities for your preschoolers!

Ten-Frames & Tracing Cards for Counting to 10

Use an erasable crayon or marker to trace the number words on each card. Then use the rocket mini-erasers to count out the numbers as the kids cover each rocket in the ten-frame.

– Life Over C's

Rocket Sorting Spinner Game

To play, spin the spinner and place a rocket mini-eraser of the matching color on the correct rocket. This is a great time to work on naming colors because they will have the opportunity to repeat them many times. You can also work on counting when the child decides they are done spinning.

Count the rocket on each color and discuss which rocket has the most, the least or the same.

– Life Over C's

Rocket Graphing Spinner

Spin the spinner and place a rocket mini-eraser in the correct column on the graph. Continue until one of the colors reaches the top of the graph. This is another great opportunity to discuss more than, less than or equal.

– Life Over C's

Rocket I Spy Counting Game

Use the rocket mini-erasers as place markers as the children count each color of rocket.

Record the answers on the bottom of the mat with an erasable marker or crayon (we LOVE Crayola Dry Erase Crayons!)

– Life Over C's

Rocket Pattern Mats

3 levels of difficulty make these pattern mats perfect for everyone! Work on ABAB, ABC, and AABB patterns with these simple pattern mats.

– Life Over C's

Rocket Counting to 10 Mat

A simple mat for counting to 10! The kid will fill in each box and count up to each number. Great for reinforcement of rote counting skills and perfect for kids who are just beginning to count since the boxes will fill up when they add the correct number of mini erasers.

– Life Over C's

Spin & Cover Color Game

Cover the correct color of rocket as the child spins the spinner. Such a fun way to learn about matching & colors!

– Life Over C's

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– Life Over C's Preschool math is fun with this free printable rocket mini eraser math activity pack. Patterns, ten-frames, sorting and more!
– Life Over C's rocket mini eraser math activities
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