Nothing screams summer and the 4th of July like glitter and the colors red, white, and blue! This Patriotic DIY Calm Down Jar For Preschool Sensory Table is the perfect summer craft and sensory activity for your child. With just a few simple materials you will have a dazzling calm down glitter mason jar created in no time.

– Life Over C's July 4th Clam Down Jar for Kids

Recommended Grade Level:

July 4th Calm Down Jar Supplies:

  • 32 ounce plastic jar
  • 2 five ounce bottles of clear Elmer’s glue
  • Water
  • Red, Silver, and Blue glitter
  • Red, Silver, and Blue star confetti 
  • Red and Blue pom poms
  • Star Stickers 
  • optional: ribbon and tape 

Sensory bottles are a great activity to do with your child during arts and crafts time, on a rainy day, or would even make a super fun craft to make at a 4th of July BBQ to keep children entertained.

What Are Calm Down Sensory Bottles?

Preschool sensory bottles

Calm down bottles, also known as sensory bottles and discovery bottles, are clear bottles filled with a clear liquid and shimmery, eye catching craft supplies.

They are not only a super fun craft to create, but also a wonderful way to help develop the senses of babies and toddlers.

Since the bottles are typically filled with glitter and other shiny materials, they can be mesmerizing to young children and very soothing for an upset child.

The size of sensory bottles makes them perfect for small hands to turn and manipulate.

Children love shaking, squeezing, and twirling sensory bottles around. They especially love helping to make their own sensory bottles!

– Life Over C's Overhead view of the glue and patriotic confetti mixed together.

Materials needed for Calm Down Glitter Jars:

  • 32 ounce plastic jar
  • 2 five ounce bottles of clear Elmer’s glue
  • water
  • red, silver, and blue glitter
  • red, silver, and blue star confetti 
  • red and blue pom poms
  • star stickers 
  • optional: ribbon and tape 
– Life Over C's Overhead view of the supplies for the Patriotic DIY Calm Down Jar.

Instructions For How To Make A Calm Down Jar:

If you have never learned how to make sensory bottles, prepare to be amazed at how simple they are to create!

Pour both bottles of clear Elmer’s glue into your clear plastic jar. If you have a child helping you, you may want to consider using a funnel to help them get the glue into the bottle a little easier.

– Life Over C's Glue being added to a jar for the Patriotic DIY Calm Down Jar.

Add glitter, confetti, and pom poms. The amount of each is totally up to you! My suggestion would be to start out with a little of each and then add more to achieve the desired effect for your bottle.

– Life Over C's Patriotic confetti added to a jar of glue for the DIY patriotic calm down jar.

Fill the remaining space in the bottle with water. Leave a little bit of room at the top so that the jar is not too full.

Put the lid on the bottle, but don’t seal it quite yet. Test out your bottle and make sure the glitter and pom poms move the way you want them too.

– Life Over C's The finished Patriotic DIY Calm Down Jar.

If they move too fast and the glitter settles quickly, you can add a little more glue. If they move too slowly, you can add a little extra water.

Once your DIY sensory bottle is just the way you like it, close the lid and secure it using glue or tape. I like to use super glue or hot glue to seal the lid extra tightly.

Add stickers around the outside of the bottle.

If you would like, you can add ribbon around the outside of the jar as well.

Once you have double checked that your lid is secured, gently shake the bottle until the contents are all mixed up.

Enjoy showing your patriotic spirit with your sensory bottle!

Extend the Activity:

Different Liquids

Corn syrup, glitter glue, baby oil, and glow-in-the-dark glue all make easy preschool sensory bottle fillers.

Use Small Objects

Colorful beads and small toys can also make awesome fillers for your sensory bottle.

The Perfect Bottle

Voss water bottles are a great alternative to clear, plastic mason jars.

Try Food Coloring

Add blue or red food coloring for an extra touch of patriotic color in your sensory bottle.

Sensory Bin

Fill a sensory bin with red, white, and blue water beads for some hands on sensory play.

Play a Game

Continue learning about the United States with a fun flag craft for kids.

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– Life Over C's July 4th Clam Down Jar for Kids
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