Thanksgiving Turkey Greater Than Less Than Free Printable

Jaida, my first grader, has been working on the hundreds place this year and she is super excited that she can figure out such high numbers. To make use of that excitement (which is more than I can say for her desire to read), I made her this cute turkey greater than/less than free printable to use in the weeks before Thanksgiving.

Turkey Inequality Mat

This is one of the simplest printables that I have. Simply print and cut out the number cards. I recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating for durability, but it’s not a requirement with this activity.

After you have cut apart the number cards, spread them out on the table. We tried them both face down and face up and found it equally challenging since she still had to think after she had selected the numbers.

free turkey greater than/less than printables

You can give your student one of the turkey pages or both depending on the skills that you are trying to target. You can focus on learning greater than or less than individually or you can use both pages together to demonstrate that there are two ways to state each inequality.

turkey greater than/less than printables

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thanksgiving turkey greater than less than number counting mat
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