Building strong number sense is key in the primary grades. That means counting, comparing, grouping, estimating, and really understanding quantities and relationships between numbers. The Thanksgiving Turkey Greater Than Less Than Free Printable is an engaging turkey math activity to use during holiday time to engage while working on an important math concept! The greater than less than activity gives valuable, hands-on practice with comparing 3-digit numbers, which is kind of a big deal for littles!

– Life Over C's thanksgiving turkey greater than less than number counting mat

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Turkey Greater Than Less Than Supplies:

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  • Laminating Supplies
  • Paper Cutter

Learning Number Comparisons In Primary Grades



Math worksheets can get dull for kids. When we mix up our lesson plans with more engaging games and math center activities, students are engaged with learning. Typically, the more engagement, the better the learning outcomes will be.

This Thanksgiving math activity allows a lot of practice, whether independent or group-led. Less than/ greater than activities like this one help kids understand how each digit in a 3-digit number has a specific value.

After you have cut apart the fall math game number cards, spread them out on the table. We tried them both face down and face up and found it equally challenging since she still had to think after she had selected the numbers.

You can give your student one of the turkey pages or both depending on the skills that you are trying to target. You can focus on learning greater than or less than individually or you can use both pages together to demonstrate that there are two ways to state each inequality.

In addition to learning about larger numbers, there could be additional questions for thought:

  • Can you read the comparison sentence?
  • How did you know 732 is greater than 294?
  • What digit is in the hundreds/tens/ones place?
  • What is the value of the digit in the hundreds/tens/ones place?
– Life Over C's free turkey greater than/less than printables

What Can Children Learn While Playing a Thanksgiving Theme Math Game?



In addition to getting kids thinking about larger numbers, this fall theme activity gives valuable practice with other important foundational math skills:

  • Place value
  • Reading numbers
  • Comparing numbers
  • Understanding value and quantity
– Life Over C's turkey greater than/less than printables

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Number Comparisons?

Establishing an understanding of how numbers relate to each other is a great step towards solid number sense. When kids really understand what numbers represent, they have an easier time learning more advanced math.

Background Knowledge: Early math learning in the primary grades sets kids up for success. When they understand comparing numbers, they will further understand something like graphing or even fractions.

Number Relationships: Learning to compare numbers helps kids understand how numbers are related. This helps with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers later on.

Flexible Thinking: When it comes to numbers, flexible thinking is important. It means that kids can effectively problem solve and realize that there are multiple ways to arrive at the same answer.

Fluency: The more practice we can give kids with fall math centers, and other learning activities throughout the school year, the more confident and quick they become at naming numbers, adding, subtracting, and more.

How to Prepare the Greater Than Less Than Activity

To Prep:

This is one of the simplest printables that I have. Simply print and cut out the number cards. I recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating for durability, but it’s not a requirement with this activity.

To Play:

There are lots of ways to interact with the Thanksgiving worksheet activity mat. Use it as morning work, at the math center, or as a whole-group activity.

Place the cards in a draw pile. Students will draw two cards and place them on one of the two mats. Then, they should “read” the comparison sentence. Repeat!

You can use both comparison mat Thanksgiving math game mats at the same time, or just pick one at a time to work on. It depends on your students’ varying skills.

– Life Over C's Use these adorable free turkey greater than/less than printables to work with numbers up to the hundreds place.

More Thanksgiving Theme Activities

Turkey Crafts

Extend the theme with a turkey craft! There are lots of ideas that promote fine motor development, creativity, and following directions.

Scavenger Hunt

Make the Thanksgiving math worksheet mats even more engaging by hiding the numbers around the room! Kids have to find two, place them on a mat and repeat.

Build Numbers

Instead of placing the numbers on the comparison math turkey worksheet mat, just use the number cards. Build each number with base ten blocks, or another math manipulative (candy corn?)

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– Life Over C's thanksgiving turkey greater than less than number counting mat
– Life Over C's thanksgiving turkey greater than less than number counting mat
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