This hands-on math activity is perfect for the colors of the season.  A Fall Leaves Tangram Activity is a fun way for kids to learn math concepts such as shapes while developing spatial skills, problem solving, and thinking skills.  We went on a nature walk and collected some of the first leaves that have fallen this year and used them to create our own Fall themed tangrams!

Use this fall leaves tangram activity to build skills like spatial awareness, math, and even handwriting!
Use this fall leaves tangram activity to build math concepts.

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To make tangrams using fall leaves, use the black marker to draw simple geometric shapes on the leaves.  We used a black marker to help with accuracy while cutting along the lines.

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Cutting leaves requires more precision due to the flimsy and sometime crumbly nature of real fall leaves.  A thicker stimulus line allows for more accuracy when cutting, making this a great scissor skill activity for older kids.

To increase the challenge of cutting shapes from the leaves even more, try drawing the shapes using a ball point pen.  The lines from a pen will require high accuracy given the thin stimulus line.

Kids will love to use this fall leaves tangram activity to build math skills!

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Once the shapes are cut from the leaves, you are ready to use the tangrams!  We went with open ended building activities with our fall leaves, creating a road and buildings with the tangrams.

Use fall leaves to make your own fall themed tangrams

A note about these tangrams: Due to the nature of leaves and indoor air, leaf tangrams will dry out and become crumbly if kept indoors.  You can lengthen the life of your Fall Leaf Tangrams by storing them outside.  Place them in a small container to use for next time, or just snip a new set when you are ready to play again! You could also laminate them to keep them longer.

There are many ways to use tangrams in learning and skill development, though!  Did you know you can use tangrams to help handwriting skills?  Other ideas include using tangrams to build pattern skills, in sensory play, and in development of visual motor integration.

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