Our homes and classrooms are full with learners of all different kinds! There are some kids who thrive on creativity. Ones who are always coloring or doodling, who would always choose to be crafting or building instead of learning about numbers or letters. As teachers and parents, we are always looking for number games and kid’s learning activities that help all of our children be successful! What is a better way to combine creativity and teaching numbers than hands-on activities like these Free Color By Number Color Worksheets For 0-10?!?

Your students will have fun coloring these Color by Number pictures! These free color by number printables are perfect for reviewing numbers 1-10 in kindergarten!

Recommended Grade Level:

Color By Number Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Crayons

If you are working on number counting 0-10, these Color By Number Activity kindergarten math worksheets are PERFECT for you. Even if your children are not creativity focused, this activity seems like a fun math game more than ‘work’!

What Kindergarten and Preschool Math Skills Can Be Practiced With This Color By Number Printable?

Who knew one free printable worksheet could have so many opportunities for skill practice?  Here are skills for preschool and kindergarten math that you can introduce or reinforce with this activity!

  • Numeral Identification!  There are numerous opportunities to practice identifying the correct number on the page!  The tracing activity gives practice writing the numeral, while the color by number is awesome practice for finding the correct number and coloring it in the right color!
  • Written Numbers!  The fun number puzzle will feel like a fun mystery activity as little ones work to color and reveal the number in word form!
  • One to One Correspondence!  Counting and coloring in the correct number of objects is great one to one correspondence practice!
  • Colors!  The color by number section provides a wonderful opportunity to read color words and pick the correct color to shade in the spaces!
  • Fine Motor Skills!  Tracing and coloring are both great for strengthening fine motor skills!
Free printable color by number worksheets for kindergarten. Numbers five and six counting worksheets.

How to Use these Free Color by Number Worksheets:

Prepping for this kindergarten counting activity is super simple! 

First print the printable color by number pages!  You can use white computer paper, or white card stock if you are looking for something a little more durable.

After the worksheets are printed you have two options!

Option 1:  Give your little learner the worksheets along with a coloring utensil of their choice (crayons, colored pencils, or markers) and let them get to work!

Free printable counting worksheets for kindergarten. Color the correct numbers in the color by number worksheet to show the number word.

Option 2:  Slip the worksheets into a clear plastic sleeve and use colored dry erase markers for the activity!  Once your little learner is finished, the worksheets can be wiped clean and are ready for next time!

Color by number worksheet for the number four. Counting to 10 free printable number worksheets.

How To Use The Color By Number Worksheets For Kindergarten:

You can use this activity in whatever way best works for your child! Here is how I use them with my daughter!

The first thing I have my daughter do is trace the number.

Next, I ask her to color the correct number of objects in the top array. For instance, on the 3 page, I show her the apples and ask her to color three apples.

Free printable color by number worksheets for preschool. Trace the number and count the correct number of objects in the array.

This provides a bit more of a challenge than a picture of the correct number of objects. These arrays require kids to focus on counting the correct number instead of just assuming that the objects shown are the right amount.

The final and most exciting part is to color the math color by number portion. I have used blue, yellow, red and green. Children will follow the number map: 1- Blue, 2- Yellow, etc. When it is all colored in correctly, the number word will be bright and bold!

Free printable counting worksheets for kindergarten. Color by number to reveal the number on the picture.

Other Ways To Use This Activity:

  • Assemble the completed colored pages, or uncolored pages in clear sleeves into a book and use it as a handy number guide for your child!  They can reference this book when they are practicing writing their numbers in numeral and word form!
  • When working on the color by number section, you can help a little learner who is having trouble by making them a key to follow.  For example, if they are supposed to color the number ones red, draw a box or circle in red around the “1-red” to help give some extra guidance!
  • Use the pictures in the top right corner of the worksheet to introduce addition and subtraction! Talk about how many pictures are colored in and how many are not. How many are there altogether?
  • Set two or three completed worksheets out in front of your child!  Use this to introduce comparing numbersWhich paper has the largest number?  Can you order numbers least to greatest?
numbers 1-10 color by number worksheets showing number 3 Featured Image
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