Are you searching for a simple craft for kids idea this holiday season? If so then you’ll enjoy this simple Christmas yarn ornament craft idea for preschoolers. With just a few supplies and a crafting space to create, you and your preschoolers can make your own ornaments this holiday season! The possibilities are endless! Or click here for more Christmas ornament ideas.

Colorful yarn inside a clear ornament ball for simple handmade ornament.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for Yarn Filled Clear Christmas Ornament

  • Clear Christmas Ornament
  • Yarn

Christmas Yarn Ornament Craft for Kids

This Christmas yarn ornament is a wonderful way to create a new holiday tradition. Bringing home a yarn ornament that your kids made and hanging it up on the Christmas tree will provide your kids will years of memories. This annual Christmas tradition is fun for all ages and as you can see below, budget-friendly for all families and classrooms.

How do you make a Christmas ornament out of yarn?

If you’re looking to make a Christmas ball out of yarn with preschoolers, then you’ll enjoy this craft for kids.

You’ll need clear ornaments with tops that come off. You can find these at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.

In addition, you’ll need about four balls of yarn or more depending on how many Christmas yarn ornaments you’re planning to make.

Be sure to ask your preschoolers what color yarn they’d like for their Christmas yarn ornament.

You might think of a red and green to go with a holiday theme, but you know preschoolers, they seem to have a creative mind which means they might want to make a Christmas yarn ornament out of their favorite colors.

Two clear plastic ornaments with yarn scraps inside.

Once you’ve gathered all of the supplies for this craft, you can continue following my simple tutorial below to have some fun with arts and crafts this Christmas with your preschoolers.

This adorable Christmas yarn ornament will add more color to your already decorated Christmas tree. If you’re not up for adding this DIY yarn ornament to your current tree, you can easily have your kids wrap up their Christmas yarn ornament to gift to other family members.

A heartfelt gift such as a homemade Christmas yarn ornament will melt the heart of grandparents and parents everywhere.

What do children learn from making Christmas crafts?

Children tend to learn a lot from making Christmas crafts. When you opt to make this Christmas yarn ornament with your kids, you’ll feel better knowing that your children are learning a multitude of skills, such as:


Children who take part in arts and crafts tend to have a more confident level of self-expression. Arts and crafts will become a healthy outlet for your children to express emotions and communicate with others.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

As your preschooler works to use the yarn to make their Christmas yarn ornament, you’ll find that they’re using hand-eye coordination and improve upon this necessary life skill.

More Fine Motor Activities:

Promoting Creativity

Some of the world’s best creations were made by people who were able to think outside of the box. Making arts and crafts with your preschoolers will help nourish a creative mind for their healthy future.

Improved Decision Making Skills

Arts and crafts for kids also help preschoolers improve their decision-making skills. From selecting the yarn colors for their DIY ornament to putting this ornament together, your kids will be making decisions on their own.

Arts and crafts are an excellent, and easy, way to help preschoolers learn new skills and expand upon their current skillsets all the while being shaped for a positive future.

If you’re ready to get started, continue reading for the simple supplies list and step by step instructions to create your Christmas yarn ornament today. Mix and match the colors, and blend the yarn by twisting it together so that your preschoolers can have a different texture look to their DIY Christmas ornaments this year.

Overhead view of four colors of yarn next to an empty plastic ornament ball.

How to Make the Christmas Yarn Ornament

Follow these step by step instructions:

Grab your clear ornament and remove the top from the ornament.

Start filling the ornament with one color of yarn.

Filling an ornament with pink yarn.

Once you are happy with the first layer, start by adding another color of yarn on top of the first layer. 

Adding orange yarn to the ornament.

Continue until your clear ornaments are filled to the top with the yarn. 

Cap your ornament and add a pretty ribbon. 

Two shades of blue yarn are added to the ball to finish the ornament.

Tip for Making Christmas Yarn Ornament:

Use a pencil or thin pen to help push the yarn down into the ornament every so often as you work. 

Make this Christmas yarn ornament out of your favorite sports team colors, or special loved one’s favorite colors for gift giving.

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