I gave you the sneak peak yesterday, but here’s our apple sensory bin in action! I think Shiloh was a bit excited by this one because I had it hidden under our living room daybed and she found it before I intended her to.

apple sensory bin red green yellow rice with seeds lentils and pom poms

Thankfully, I had taken all the set-up pictures ahead of time! Because I didn’t even know she had it until I started hearing the rice ding against the little glass bowls.

She’s a sneaky one.

She also did not want to share. I think she got it out when her sisters were busy on purpose!

Later on when we did our alphabet trees with Jaida using the mixed up sensory bin, she was not keen on letting Jaida have a turn. In fact, she started trying to roll it away from her.

I think that means she liked it. *grin*

apple sensory bin play toddler

There were so many beautiful pictures of this that I had a hard time choosing which ones to share!

apple sensory bin with rice

Materials we used for the Apple Sensory Bin:

Colored rice (3 cups each of red, green and yellow)

  • Pom poms
  • Black beans for seeds
  • Buckwheat (Rissa and I thought it could be pie crust when we were putting the bin together. Shiloh had no concept of that…)
  • Jar lids (Here they are for my canning jars. In the U.S. they would be spaghetti jars or whatever you have on hand.)
  • Small red bowls
  • Red silicone muffin liners
  • Dried bay leaves (They are extremely common here & I had a big jar of them, but any leaf will do just fine)

Shiloh focused very hard on pouring into the bowls, which was a new accomplishment for her. Usually she just throws everything together all over the bin.

apple sensory activity rice buckwheat and beans

No matter how many bins we do, I am absolutely amazed at the beauty of the color mixtures and the textures.

I hope that you will create your own apple-themed sensory bin this fall!

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apple sensory bin red green yellow rice with seeds lentils and pom poms
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