The aquarium is one of our favorite places to visit! We spend hours wandering around the beautiful exhibits and feeling like we are under the sea! My kids always ask if we can go see the sea turtles as soon as we get there. There is something so calming and mesmerizing about watching them glide through the water! This Preschool Turtle Theme Sensory Bottle provides that same soothing aquarium feeling for little ones without having to leave the house!

– Life Over C's Turtle Sensory Bottle

Recommended Grade Level:

Turtle Sensory Bottle Supplies:

  • Clear Plastic Bottle
  • Turtle Toys
  • Artificial plants
  • Clear liquid glue
  • Water

This sensory idea for a sea turtle bottle is the perfect activity for any turtle lover and a wonderful way to stimulate your baby’s senses! It is not only easy to create but also a fantastic opportunity to get your little one involved in building their own toy!

What Is A Sensory Bottle?

A sensory bottle is a container (typically a clear plastic water bottle) filled with liquid and objects. Once sealed, the objects slowly move through the liquid when you shake or turn the bottle.

The liquid inside sensory bottles can be water, glue, oil, gel, or a combination of liquids. The objects can be as simple and inexpensive as glitter and beads, or can be small toys!

What Are The Benefits of Sensory Bottles?

Anyone who has ever gifted a toy to a baby, toddler, or preschooler has probably noticed that they are made up of a variety of textures, colors, and patterns! Mirrors, rattles, and rings are all popular accessories on toys for little ones!

The reason for this is that as little ones learn and grow developmentally, it is important that they play with toys that stimulate their senses and encourage fine motor skill development! One of the reasons sensory bottles are so great is because they check both of these boxes!

Here are some other reasons sensory bottles are awesome!

  • Sensory bottles are easy and inexpensive to make! They require a minimal amount of supplies to create!
  • They provide a wonderful opportunity for sensory play without a big mess!
  • Sensory bottles are just the right size for little hands and the ability to squeeze, shake, and turn them encourages fine motor skills!
  • Also known as calm down bottles, sensory bottles can help to settle down an anxious or upset child, and can help regulate emotions.

How To Make A Turtle Preschool Sensory Bottle:

– Life Over C's Supplies needed for making a turtle sensory bottle.


Read the book Turtles or another turtle book for preschoolers! Discuss all the fun facts you learn about turtles! Ask your preschoolers some follow up questions about the book!

  • What a turtle looks like? What does the skin on their head and legs look like?
  • What do you think a turtle would feel like?
  • What is the purpose of a turtle’s shell? What do you think would happen if something hit the top of the shell?
  • Why does a turtle tuck in his head?

After you have shared all the interesting new information you learned, it is time to create your Sensory Bottle!

First, pour the glue into the empty bottle. Next, add the turtle toys and artificial plants! You may want to cut the artificial plants into smaller pieces to better fit inside the bottle.

– Life Over C's Small turtle toys in clear school glue with artificial greenery in a clear bottle.

Fill the remainder of the space in the bottle with water.

Screw the lid back on the bottle to close it. Although it isn’t required, it is a good idea to secure the lid with tape or glue to make sure the contents do not spill out! (My preschoolers are very curious and love unscrewing and opening anything they can!)

– Life Over C's Plastic toy turtles in a sensory bottle.

Shake the bottle to mix the contents and watch as the turtles begin to slowly float around inside the bottle!

Other Sensory Turtle Activities For Preschoolers:

– Life Over C's National Geographic Kids magazine about Turtles next to a turtle themed sensory bottle.

If your preschooler enjoys their Sensory Bottle, they are sure to love these other sensory turtle activity ideas!

  • Create a sensory bin with sea turtles and feature a variety of different textures! After reading about turtles together, your little one can help you decide what would be in a turtle’s habitat and brainstorm materials to go into the bin!
  • Make your own turtle craft! Get out your craft supplies and let your child’s imagination run wild as they use paper plates, tissue paper, construction paper, glitter, beads, and any other materials you can find to make their own turtle! The more textured materials they can use the better!
  • Research how turtles use their senses! Visit your local library and check out some other turtle books for kids to learn more!

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– Life Over C's Turtle Sensory Bottle

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