Taco Tuesday is a STAPLE in my house. Crunchy, soft, beef, chicken, spicy, mild… we don’t say no to tacos at my house. When the books Dragons Love Tacos and Dragons Love Tacos 2 by Adam Rubin came out, we were sure to get our copies and enjoy the silliness of colorful, fiery dragons gobbling down tacos. This delightful duo is a favorite in any classroom and can be incorporated into different content areas. This awesome, hands on counting activity can be used along with any Dragons Love Tacos read aloud. Your kiddos will be begging for this spicy treat after counting, using ten frames, and practicing one-to-one correspondence.

Fun preschool counting activities based on the Dragons Love Tacos book.

Learning About Math Activities For Preschoolers:

preschool counting activities


How many more do I have? What do 10 objects look like in a group? How many do we need so everyone has one?

The activities included in the Dragon Love Tacos free printables: ten frames, number clips, number playdough mats, mats to show different ways of showing numbers, number identification cards, and more. Make math for preschool super fun while working on counting skills and number sense with this engaging set that coordinates perfectly with the Dragons Love Tacos book by Daniel Salmieri and also Dragons Love Tacos 2.

Use these colorful and interactive activities as a small group, individually, or even in a math center.

In addition to learning about counting for preschool and kindergarten, here are some more ideas for what you can teach about using the free printable :

  • Subitizing (identifying an amount without counting)
  • Writing number words and symbols
  • Practice counting with one-to-one correspondence (issuing one number to each item they count)
  • Practicing fine motor skills with molding playdough into numbers.
Preschoolers practice matching ten frames to written numbers in this fun printable activity that is perfect for math centers.

What Can Preschoolers Learn By Comparing Amounts ?

preschool math activities


  • Which number shows the most tacos?
  • Which amount is less: 3 tacos or 11 tacos?
  • How many different ways can you show the number 4?
  • If you have 2 tacos and are given 5 more, how many tacos do you have?
Preschool students put the correct number of tacos into the dragon's bowl in this fun preschool counting activity.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Practice Math Skills?

Besides the fact that kids love hands on activities there are so many other reasons you should use these math activities with your child.

Developing Writing Skills

Writing skills are practiced in these activities by writing, or tracing, number words and symbols.

Embedding Literacy With Math

Including books within different content areas encourages vocabulary usage, reading comprehension, and introducing different genres.

Fine Motor Development

When your child grasps or grips their writing tool, they are practicing fine motor skills in their hands and fingers. This helps with tying shoes, getting dressed, and cutting food.

Social Development

Children will utilize social skills by taking turns and sharing in small groups or pairs. Patience and communication skills will also be practiced during these math activities.

Tools you’ll need

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

“So many choices. Great to include repetition without boredom. Thanks!”

“This resource was sent home with students and used virtually to engage in a math activity following a reading of the book. Students were completely engaged.”

How To Use These Dragon Love Tacos Activities:

How to Use the Activity

  • Print and laminate the activity for durability. This also helps with erasing dry erase marker for additional uses.
  • Mini taco erasers can be purchased and used, however any small object can be used (counters, pieces of cereal, small pieces of paper, etc.).

Using the Printable

Add the free printable counting activities to your literacy or math center! Kids can use these to compare amounts, count objects, write numerals, and practice one-to-one correspondence.

Once the posters are laminated, there a many learning activities you can use them for, including using dry erase markers.

Preschoolers practice number recognition by placing counters in a ten frame, building the number with play-doh, and writing the number.


Use the number cards and have students play a memory matching game to match the symbol and cards with dots on them.

Create a Book

Have your students create a a classroom book about another animal or made up creature that loves a specific type of food. Display the book in the classroom library.

Adding and Subtracting

Use the mini taco erasers, or counters, to practice adding and subtracting skills.

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