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For young children learning about numbers is so much fun! There are endless things to count and definitely endless ways to use numbers. However, understanding that three always means three no matter what is being counted, can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why I created this free number recognition printable. Kids can see very easily that there are many ways that we can show the same number.

Practicing numbers is a blast with this free printable numbers to 10 activity for preschoolers! There are so many different ways to show each number!

Materials needed for the Number Recognition Printable:

Paper or card stock

Laminating Pouches


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How to prepare the activity:

Print, laminate and cut out the number recognition printable.

How to use:

Have the child match the various forms of each number.

This activity is easily differentiated for different children and skill-levels.

For kids who are just learning their numbers, using cards that demonstrate the numbers rather than the numerals or words will help them to practice counting in a more concrete way.

For kids who have more experience with numbers, provide them with all of the cards and have them sort the cards according to number.

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Practicing numbers is a blast with this free number recognition printable activity for preschoolers! There are so many different ways to show each number!

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You can also practice building number lines by providing the kids with one set of cards, such as the balloons or hands. After the numbers are all in order, have the kids close their eyes while you remove one or two cards from the number line. When the kids open their eyes have them figure out which numbers are missing.

These cards can also be used to play Memory by choosing two number formats. Or choose four formats and play a game of Go Fish!

Choose a set of cards from 1-10 in multiple formats (1-hand, 2-balloon, 3-car, etc.) and display them around the room. Call out a number and have the kids hunt for the correct card.

There are so many things that you can do with this one printable!

Free Number Recognition Printable Featured Image

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  1. hi what is preventing me from getting your FREE NUMBER RECOGNITION PRINTABLE. – number matching prints i would really love to have them for my preschool class thank you

    1. Can you give me some more information on what you have tried? To get them you should click through the link into the store, complete the checkout process and receive an e-mail with the link to download the resource.