Number recognition for preschool is a really exciting time for littles! They feel so proud when they begin to count and recognize numbers. There are endless things to count and definitely endless ways to use numbers. However, understanding that three always means three no matter what is being counted, can be a bit of a challenge. I created this free number recognition printable to help kids build number sense. It illustrates that there are many ways to show the same number. This activity for preschoolers is hands-on, fun, and a great math activity to keep at the math center all year long.

number recognition cards for numbers 1-10

Recommended Grade Level:

Number Recognition Cards Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Paper Cutter

Early Math Skills in Preschool and Kindergarten

preschool math activities


Math centers in kindergarten and preschool have one goal: to build number sense. What does that mean? Building number sense is the ability to understand, relate and connect numbers. How do we build it?

We teach preschoolers with a variety of math lessons and learning centers that allow them to explore, experiment, and use numbers in a variety of ways.

That means math manipulatives, ten frames, math worksheets, games and other hands-on activities that also build fine motor skills at the same time.

There are a variety of ways to use the number recognition cards! That’s why I love this preschool and kindergarten math center, free!

In addition to learning number names and quantities, this counting objects 1 to 10 worksheet fosters deeper thought about numbers.

  • Which is greater/less, or more/fewer?
  • How do you know 6 is less than 10?
  • Can you tell which number is smallest just by looking at the pictures? How?
  • What numbers are close in value?

What Does the Preschool Math Center Idea Teach?



When kids learn to count 1 to 10 on worksheets, it’s less effective than if they have objects and manipulatives to touch, move and see while they count. Teaching math to preschoolers and kindergarteners includes key foundational concepts they need to build a strong foundation:

  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Quantities
number recognition cards for numbers 1-10

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Number Recognition?

Learning numbers is the first step toward building deeper understandings about numbers. In order to move on to harder things, like adding and subtracting, young learners need to be able to identify numbers.

Foundation: Learning to recognize and name numbers provides a solid foundation to build upon. Along with recognizing numbers, kids will count and write them as well.

Number Sense: Preschool and kindergarten math centers and number sense go hand-in-hand. It’s the goal for kids to be able to count to 10 fluently both forward and backwards and also understand the value of these numbers.

Future Concepts: Clearly, it would be difficult for a child to understand adding or subtracting if they cannot recognize numbers. It’s a necessary skill before moving on to harder things.

Make Connections: Numbers are all around us. Kids understand their ages, maybe their birthday, or maybe their home address. Learning numbers helps them connect with all of those numbers in their lives.

How to Make the Free Number Recognition Cards

To Prep:

Print, laminate and cut out the free number recognition worksheet activity.

Practicing numbers is a blast with this free printable numbers to 10 activity for preschoolers! There are so many different ways to show each number!

To Use:

Have the child match the various forms of each number.

This activity is easily differentiated for all skill-levels.

For kids who are just learning their numbers, use cards that demonstrate the numbers rather than the numerals or words to help them practice counting in a more concrete way.

For kids who have more experience with numbers, provide them with all of the cards and have them sort the cards according to number. Some may be ready for number recognition worksheets 1 to 20!

Extend the Activity

Number Line Game

Use one set of cards, such as the balloons or hands. Put the numbers in order. Remove one or two cards from the number line while kids hide their eyes. Which number is missing?

Memory Match

Play Memory by choosing two number formats. Or choose four formats and play a game of Go Fish!

Number Hunt

Choose a set of cards from 1-10 in multiple formats (1-hand, 2-balloon, 3-car, etc.) and display them around the room. Call out a number and have the kids hunt for the correct card.

number recognition cards for numbers 1-10
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