Babies and toddlers love exploring the world around them with their senses! They are constantly soaking in the sounds, lights, and textures that are all around them. Sensory bottles are a great way to entertain your child’s curious mind! This DIY Alphabet Sensory Bottle for Preschoolers is a simple, easy alphabet activity that will provide your little one with hours of exploration and fun!

Alphabet I Spy Sensory Bottle for preschoolers. Practice letter identification with your preschoolers using this EASY DIY sensory bottle.

Recommended Grade Level:

Alphabet Sensory Bottle Supplies:

  • Plastic Clear Bottle
  • Alphabet Beads
  • Clear Liquid Glue
  • Colorful Beads
  • Water

With all the technology that surrounds us on a daily basis we sometimes forget that high tech doesn’t always mean better! This DIY sensory bottle is a wonderful opportunity to unplug from electronics, get creative, and stimulate your child’s senses!

What Is A Sensory Bottle:

Sensory bottles, also known as discovery bottles, are quite simply bottles that provide stimulation for the senses!

A sensory bottle contains some type of liquid (water, corn syrup, oil, glue, etc.) and small objects. (glitter, beads, legos, etc.)

Once you have filled and sealed the bottle with the liquid and objects of your choice it is ready to play with!

Rainbow colored round beads and alphabet beads in a clear bottle with liquid.

Why Use A Sensory Bottle:

Sensory bottles have so many benefits!

  • They provide the perfect opportunity to engage in sensory play without a big mess to clean up!
  • They fit perfectly into little hands to be shaken, turned, and squeezed! This is great for fine motor skill development!
  • Vocabulary! Just talking to your little one about what they see in the bottle will help promote their vocabulary and language skills.
  • Sensory bottles are also known as calm down bottles! Think about how soothing it is to watch a lava lamp or snow fall! Now imagine that in a bottle! Sensory bottles can help ease anxiety, calm nerves, and help settle an upset child!
  • Brain development! Sensory play helps to build nerve connections in the brain and supports cognitive growth!

How To Create An Alphabet Bead Sensory Bottle:

Supplies needed for making a DIY Sensory Bottle. Rainbow beads, alphabet beads, clear water bottle, Clear Elmer's Glue, and water.


This alphabet sensory bottle is so easy to make! One you learn how to make sensory bottles you won’t want to stop!

Young children will love helping with this sensory bottle DIY activity!

First you pour all of the glue into the clear, empty bottle.

Next you add the alphabet letter beads and the colorful beads.

Fill the rest of the bottle with water! Screw the lid back on the bottle.

While it is not required to secure the lid with tape or glue, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND securing the lid! This will prevent little ones from being able to open the bottle and spill out the contents.

Vigorously shake the bottle to get all of the liquid mixed and the beads moving freely and your alphabet sensory play bottle is ready to go!

A clear water bottle filled halfway full with rainbow beads and alphabet beads.

How To Use An Alphabet Bottle:

This bottle doubles as being an awesome sensory activity and a sensory alphabet activity! Fun and educational! That’s my favorite kind of activity!

alphabet print and go centers and games.

Here are some great ideas of how to take advantage of the alphabet letters inside this bottle:

  • Letter recognition! Have your little one identify the letters that he or she sees in the bottle.
  • Play letter I Spy! (I Spy the first letter of the alphabet! I Spy the letter that starts the word dog! I Spy the first letter of your name!)
  • Letters and sounds practice! (Can you find the letter that makes the “ah” sound? Great job finding the letter B! Do you know what sound the letter B makes?)
  • Language development! Once your little one identifies the letters ask them to give you a word that begins with that letter.
  • Spelling practice! (Can you find the letters that spell the word blue?)
Alphabet I Spy Sensory Bottle on a pink background.

Other Ideas For Sensory Play:

There are so many different ways to engage your child in sensory play!

  • Make a sensory bin! Fill a container with sand, water beads, or rice! Provide your child with some measuring cups and they will be occupied for hours!
  • Using the same bin, hide some magnetic letters or foam letters for more alphabet practice!
  • Make a sensory bottle with glow in the dark beads!
  • Read sensory books! Combining reading and sensory play is awesome for brain development!
  • Check out how to make a Rainstorm Sensory Bottle below!

Plus, grab this no-prep alphabet mat and have the kids cross off each letter as they find them!

Alphabet Mat for using with Alphabet Sensory bottle. Multi-colored uppercase letters
Download the preschool STEM activity for the alphabet sensory bottle here!

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