When I was teaching in the classroom summer used to be my FAVORITE season out of the four. Yes, I enjoyed sitting on the beach, relaxing in my hammock, and finally finishing a book. Summer break from classes and the busy schedule at school was always welcomed with open arms.

Sometimes the heat can be too much for our kiddos. Bring them inside, or in the shade, and still give them a piece of summer to play with. This summer themed sensory bin can provide children with independent or social play, as well as exploring senses. Grab your pool noodles and CHARGE!

Summer theme sensory bin for kids.

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Learning Through Preschool Sensory Activities

Summer sensory play ideas


Easy sensory activities can help children understand their 5 senses and develop oral speaking skills. Both of these concepts can help them navigate the world around them.

This summer sensory activity is a great hands-on way to explore the many exciting descriptions of the season and activities you can participate in. It’s also a great way to explain to children that the season of summer is different depending on where they live around the world.

The sensory bin filler could also be used with water beads, small colorful rocks, seashells, or just plain water.

I like to use the sensory summer activities at the end of an ocean theme or at the start of an awesome summer!

In addition to learning about the 5 senses and summer, you can pose additional questions to young learners like:

  • What does the sand feel like?
  • What things do you see on the beach? What can you hear on the beach?
  • What activities do you like to do in the summer?
  • What items could we put in a summer sensory bottle?

What Can Toddlers and Preschoolers Learn While Using the Summer Preschool Activity?

Summer preschool theme


Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About Change?

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Learning about the changing of seasons can help them understand the world a little bit better.

Background Knowledge

Learning about the changing seasons is really the first step toward more complex science concepts, like the scientific process. What will the weather be like? Will the temperature be hot or cold?

Connect with Nature

The more children know and understand about the natural world, the more they will connect and understand to natural surroundings.

Understand Cycles

Many things in our world are cyclical: life, seasons, and weather are a few examples. Understanding basic life cycles gives kids knowledge of general cycles.

Make Connections

Learning different cycles, from seasons and plants to animals and insects, helps kids make deeper connections among them and relate it to themselves.

Tools you’ll need

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

How To Use the Sensory Table Activities for Preschool

How to Make This Fun Sensory Bin

Step One:

Fill the bin with the sand. Leave a small section for the blue gems (represents water) and place the gems next to the sand. 

Step Two:

Add the scoops, spoons, and cups, mini umbrellas, and bowl with lei flowers. 

Step Three:

Add the flamingo and palm tree stirring sticks to the bin. 

Step Four:

Invite the child to engage with the contents of the sensory bin. Observe how he/she uses the items in the bin. 

Summer Crafts

Summer crafts are a colorful way to display the fun and exciting activities you can complete throughout the season.

Create a Book

Make book with half sheets of paper and child illustrations, photographs, or magazine cutouts of summer time seasonal activities.

Summer Salad

Have your child help make a tasty, and healthy, summer treat. You can use vegetables found in a garden or different summer time fruits.

Sensory Art

Cool down with this colorful ice cube summer sensory art project! So much fun and so refreshing!

Have a Snack

A butterfly-themed snack is a great way to please hungry kiddos while still reviewing important concepts and vocabulary!

Seashell Play

Continue learning about summer and the beach with the seashell sensory bin.

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