Free Printable Alphabet Snap Cube Mats

Teaching little ones the alphabet doesn’t have to be filled with flash cards and writing letters over and over. Although those activities can be effective they might get boring and thus ineffective. I like to create games and activities that correlate with tools or toys that my kids already enjoy. My daughter is really into these math link cubes right now and we’re practicing letter recognition, so this activity is essentially perfect. These alphabet snap cube mats are perfect for working on those super important fine motor skills, plus they build letter recognition and they feel like play, so the kids will never complain about using them!

These free printable alphabet snap cube mats are a great alphabet activity for kindergarteners. Work on fine motor skills while learning the alphabet.

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Alphabet Snap Cube Mats

This activity is incredibly simple and fun! We are able to focus on one letter of the alphabet at a time and really get deep into the formation of the letter. Each sheet also has a picture to help the child with the beginning sound.

I also included a space for writing the letter a few times. When the child has formed the letter with the cubes it is a perfect time to practice writing the letter a few times. While the snap cubes don’t allow for letters to be formed as correctly as they would with handwriting, they give a good representation and the kids have the opportunity to view the letter below and will work on muscle memory when they practice writing the letters.

Each time we finish a sheet we can move onto a different letter. The letters can be chosen randomly or done in alphabetical order. This is great if you do the letter of the week program or if you approach letters in a specific order. You can add to your literacy center as the kids learn the letters.

Use snap cubes to build the letters of the alphabet with your kindergartener. This free printable is a fun way to work on fine motor skills while learning the alphabet.

Materials Needed for the Free Printable
Alphabet Snap Cube Mats

Paper | Laminating Pouch or Dry Erase Pocket |
Dry Eraser Marker | Mathlink Cubes or Snap Cubes

To Prep: Print out the free printable. If choosing to laminate, go ahead and do so. If planning on using the pouches, add the Alphabet Snap Cube Mat to the pouch.

To Use: Start with whichever letter sheet you are choosing. We start off by stating which letter it is, talking about the picture and what sound the letter makes. Next we build the letter with the snap cubes, while using the diagram on the sheet. When the letter is formed, we use the dry erase marker to write the letter a few times.

When the sheet is completely done, we undo the snap cubes letter and pick a new letter sheet.

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If you child seems confused on the formation of certain letters, use it as a teaching moment to discuss with them how it is different than we would write it and see if they can develop a better way to form the letter with the snap cubes.

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  1. Great. I have cubes and my Special education students only make towers.
    I’m printing these out for them to do other things.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for always offering such amazing activities. I use them to enhance my sensory friendly sped classroom!

  3. These are great! Is there a way to have an MS Word copy so that I can change the images? I teach in a French Immersion school and the images are not all transferable.


    Julie Tremeer

  4. Fantastic idea –I will use it with my ASD students to incorporate letter identification and fine motor skills:)

  5. Fantastic idea!! I will use this with my students with ASD. Great incorporation of literacy and fine motor skills