Today, Shiloh and I pulled out a color recognition activity that I made a couple months ago for her older sister. She’s not ready to use it the same way, but she had fun anyway and that’s the most important part for her.

We used this color recognition pack to talk about different colors, read a story and practice some new words. I tried to build on the color sorting activity that we did a couple weeks ago by talking about the colors with her, but she was much more interested in the actual objects.

color recognition games and activities
color recognition activities

She was able to use the double-sided flash cards to show me a dog, a pig and an apple. She wasn’t quite sure what an umbrella was.

I love these cards because they work for so many things.

Like with Shiloh, they can be used to talk about the actual picture. Honestly, every activity that I do with her is focused on talking.

The only way she’s going to do it is if we give her lots of opportunities to try!

They can also be used to name the colors. Or read the color words and check the answer by looking at the picture on the other side.

Here’s a picture to show how to put them together. There are three cards on each page. Cut in between the different colors on the dark lines. Then fold in half back-to-back. You can either glue them or laminate them at this point.

Color recognition for toddlers

Because of my love for laminating, that’s what I opted to do.

The pack also has a memory game. This requires the child to match the color word to the correct picture.

Free printables for color recognition

That’s quite a bit above Shiloh’s skill level right now, so we just talked about the cards some more.

Jaida really liked playing memory when she used the pack and eventually when Shiloh is ready we’ll give it a try.

There is also an emergent reader included in both color and black & white.

Free readers for color recognition

At the kindergarten level the book is excellent for giving practice with sight words and color words due to the repetition.

For Shiloh, it was good for her to hear the repetition of the words.

And the fourth activity in the pack is color matching wheels.

This is a picture back from when Jaida used the pack, I punched holes all around the circle and she used color-coordinated pipe cleaners to indicate the matching colors.

learn colors with 4 free activities

A great activity for building fine motor skills and color recognition.

Our Favorite Books About Colors For Kids:

We can’t live without these!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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