Springtime! Birds chirping and baby birds hatching, snow melting, flowers blooming. Spring is a wonderful rebirth of Earth we get to experience each and every year! And it is the perfect time to focus on colors: green grass, yellow sun, red flowers and blue birds! These cute Preschool Color Posters For Spring fit right into a bird theme for preschool that can be enjoyed all year long.

Free Spring Theme Color Posters

Recommended Grade Level:

Spring Theme Color Posters Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Crayons or Markers

Spring Themed Color Posters

Color Activities for preschool and kindergarten are an integral part of learning goals. This amazing resource offers WAY more than any coloring worksheet. Preschool Color Posters for Spring Theme provide bright, engaging preschool classroom posters in the colors of the rainbow.

The printable includes full page printouts for the following colors: black, yellow, white, blue, red, purple, pink, orange, green, brown, and gray.

The Preschool Color Posters printed and fanned out.

Each poster includes the color word in English and Spanish! A second version of full page posters includes the preschool colors in Spanish first, then English as a second language underneath.

In addition to the full page posters, you’ll get half-page cards with the sentence stem, “I see a (color) bird,” or “Vejo un parajo (color).”

Wait, there’s MORE! Also included, is an “I Spy” game board for students to search for hidden bird posters around the room and color them on their grid with the appropriate color!

Two spring theme color posters for the color purple in both English and Spanish.

Preschool Activities to Teach Colors

Teaching colors to preschoolers often happens naturally as we talk about the colors around us: clothes, walls, toys, food, etc.

Lesson plans about colors for preschoolers don’t have to be elaborate, but they are certainly an important aspect of early learning.

Get kids interested in learning colors with hands-on games, scavenger hunts, and center activities.

Pairing color words and colors right from the start gives toddlers and preschoolers great background as they continue on to kindergarten.

Two spring theme color posters for the color yellow in both English and Spanish.

How to Use the Fun Color Posters for Spring

The bird themed printables are as versatile as your students! You can create a new bulletin board in Spring as the seasons change, or you could use them for learning colors in preschool all year.

First, print the color printables for preschool number posters. Then, choose from one of the following options:

  • Use the posters as classroom display items.
  • Laminate or slide into plastic sleeves for students to use at the math center. Pair each card with a number and give students colored counters to place on the appropriate color.
  • Students can use them as sorting mats by placing a busy bag of multi-colored pom poms with the posters. This will enhance fine motor development while learning colors!
  • Create two sets of the half-page posters, mix them up, and challenge students to find the matching colors.
  • Implement the cards into other bird themed activities for preschoolers, like making bird feeders, finding bird nests, or other bird crafts.
  • Teach colors (los colores) in Spanish as well as English!
  • Place protected cards at a sorting center with multi-colored play dough or pipe cleaners!
  • Hide the “I See a…” cards around the classroom. Give students an “I Spy” grid and let them color each square as they find that color.
  • Students that are ready can use the cards to trace or copy the color words.

More Bird Themed Ideas for Preschool

There are so many activities you might include in a springtime or bird theme for preschool! You can focus on bird anatomy and characteristics, or just use the theme of birds, bird houses, feathers, etc. to incorporate math and reading concepts.

  • Make your own bird feeders by covering pine cones in peanut butter and rolling in bird seed. Use paper plates to catch the mess for easy clean-up.
  • Build bird nests from items found in a park or other natural area.
  • Fill the sensory table with “worms” (pipe cleaner pieces) and use “beaks” (wooden clothespins) to pick them up.
  • Make edible nests with chow mein noodles and melted chocolate.
  • Practice counting with paper nests labeled with random numbers 0-10. Students can count and place small, plastic eggs into each nest.

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