Quiet, independent activity that can be planned for my little one in less than 5 minutes…. Sign me up! This super cute matching color printable busy bag is perfect for when you need a few minutes of peace without an hour of prep work!

color sorting busy bag for toddlers and preschoolers

Today, I’m sharing an activity that we had a lot of fun with. Those of you who’ve been around here a time or two probably realize that I don’t actually have a toddler, so you may be wondering why we did an activity for the toddler-age range. No, I don’t plan on having any more little ones.

My three-year-old daughter has a severe speech delay, among other issues, and as such, we are just now starting to be able to do toddler-aged activities with her. She still cannot say the necessary words, but her cognitive abilities are improving so that she can begin to understand skill-based activities.

Again, this activity would normally be for about an 18 month old.

red, yellow and blue color sorting busy bag for tots

I’m completely serious when I say that this activity takes less than five minutes to prepare from print to finish

To assemble:



Cut out the pictures

Throw it all in the bag.

Ta-da! One easily assembled color matching busy bag.

To use this activity all you need to do is set the construction paper squares on the floor or table.

Place the picture cards in a pile upside down.

One at a time have your child select a card and place it on the matching paper.

That’s it!

I will say, we had a lot of fun with this! Shiloh got a lot of the colors right, though I’m not sure if it’s just because she had the same color a bunch of times in a row or she’s been hiding skills from us. (Most likely the first. *smile*) She also tried really hard to say the word ‘yellow’. It came out more like ‘yo’, but that’s okay by me!

Shiloh was super excited about a certain fluffy, blue monster who was on one of the cards.
She did not appreciate daddy only giving her one card at a time. She wanted them all!

This activity was a hit!

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colors busy bag for preschoolers and toddlers
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