You know writing is tough. It doesn’t come automatically for every kid and for some special needs kids, it doesn’t happen at all. My daughter lacks the fine motor ability to be able to form letters, but she loves talking about the alphabet, practicing with her beautiful scribbles and then “reading” what she wrote. Sometimes those kids and even young learners, need to be able to ‘write’ without a pencil.

Using alphabet stamps for ‘writing’ is a great way to give those kids exposure to the letters of the alphabet without frustrating them because they don’t have the necessary motor skills. This Valentines Spin and Stamp Letter Recognition printable for preschool is a great way for kids to learn uppercase and lowercase letters while also empowering them with a new way to “write.”

Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Valentines Day Theme

Recommended Grade Level:

Alphabet Valentine Spin & Stamp Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Ink Pad
  • Paper Clip/Fastener (spinner)

Learning Lowercase and Capital Letters in Preschool



Matching worksheets with opportunities for alphabet matching uppercase and lowercase letters sets a solid foundation for children. They will begin to recognize the differences and similarities between the letters as they work on alphabet matching worksheets and activities.

As kids work with free alphabet worksheets, they will also begin to gain fluency in letter naming and sound association. There are a number of different skills within this one simple kindergarten worksheet.

Asking kids to match similar pictures helps identify relationships between items and increases classification skills:

  • What makes these letters similar?
  • What makes these letters different?
  • What other letter looks like lowercase b?
Preschool alphabet activity for stamping uppercase and lowercase letters.

What Can Preschoolers Learn With Interactive Preschool Worksheets?



The free printable alphabet worksheets help our kids practice matching letters based on if they are uppercase or lowercase. This is important for sort and classify the similarities and differences between the two letters.

Use the set of Spin & Stamp Letter Recognition activities that work best for you and the letters your kiddos may be struggling with. The entire set can be used individually, in small groups, and in the writing center.

It’s a great way to learn to identify letters without asking kids to trace the letters or tracing lines which can be difficult for many kids.

In addition to learning about recognizing letters here are some more ideas for what you can teach with our preschool printable alphabet worksheets:

  • Fine motor skills with spinning and stamping
  • Sorting and classifying
  • Problem solving skills
Valentine's Spin and Stamp Letter Printables for Preschool. Spin uppercase and lowercase letters.

Learning About Letters with Preschoolers

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Games and learning alphabet worksheets for preschoolers helps prepare kids to learn how to read when they enter kindergarten.

Background Knowledge: When children begin to learn about the shapes we call letters, it sets their brains up for success. Soon they will need to understand that each letter represents a different spoken sound.

Understand Reading: Children with letter knowledge can easily make the jump from naming different letters to understanding that letters are truly a code for how to read.

Improves Fluency: The goal before learning to read would be to be able to effortlessly name letters, both uppercase and lowercase. That ease makes the transition to learning sounds much less difficult.

Make Connections: Preschoolers often learn letter names, letter sounds, and how to write letters simultaneously. It helps them make connections as to how they all relate to each other and to the bigger picture of reading.

Materials needed for Spin & Stamp Letter Recognition Printable:

  • Paper
  • Lowercase Alphabet Stamps 
  • Uppercase Alphabet Stamps
  • Washable Ink Pad
  • Pencil
  • Paperclip

How to Use The Printable Valentine Alphabet Spin & Stamp

Step One:

Print the pages on regular paper.

Stamp uppercase and lowercase letters with this free printable for Valentine's Day.

Step Two:

To play, pick a letter and set up the spinner by placing the tip of a pencil inside the paper clip to spin.

Practice uppercase and lowercase letters with this kindergarten alphabet activity.

Ways to Extend the Valentine’s Day Alphabet Activity

Create a Sensory Bin: Sensory activities for kids are important. Place the letter stamps in the sensory bin all mixed up. Then have students find a letter, then find the right sheet to stamp it on.

Say it Out Loud: It helps when kids say the letter names as they play. You can then talk about the sound each letter makes and words that begin with that sound.

Play a Game: It’s easy to turn a Valentine worksheet for preschool into a game! Kids can take turns spinning, or place the letter pages upside down so they don’t know what letter they might draw.

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Valentine's Spin and Stamp Letter Printables for Preschool. Spinner with uppercase and lowercase letters.
I just [heart] these! Valentine Pre-k bundle 35+ pre-k math and literacy activities one easy bundle with arrow pointing to a collage image of the valentine's day activities.

35+ Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities

valentine's day preschool activities
Valentine's day theme math and literacy activities for preschool
Valentine's day math and literacy activities

Included in the Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities:

  • 2 Sets of Valentine Number Mats (empty ten-frame, heart filled ten-frame)
  • Valentine Cards Beginning Sound Match Up
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  • Color Button Sort
  • Class Set of Color BINGO
  • 2 Graphing Dice Games (Matching pictures and Numbers 1-6)
  • 2 Spinner Graphing Games
  • Valentine Theme Line Tracing Cards & Picture Tracing Cards
  • Line-Up Puzzles for Counting to 5 & 10
  • 4 Matching Games (picture, number, alphabet, rhyme)
  • Heart Missing Number Cards
  • 3 Levels of AB Patterns
  • Valentine Play Dough Mats
  • 2 Sets of Counting to 10 Puzzles (array, ten-frame)
  • Valentine Shape Puzzles
  • 2 Roll and Count Mats
  • 2 Sets of Valentine Sorting Activities (shapes and numbers 1-10)
  • 5 Spin & Cover Games (1-5, 6-10, shape, picture)
  • Heart Ten-Frame Cards
  • Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 4 Sets of Tracing Cards (uppercase, lowercase, number, shape)
  • Visual Discernment Clip Cards (What does not belong?)
  • Trace, Write & Draw the Room
Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Valentines Day Theme
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