Fun Pumpkin Themed Food Ideas Kids Will Love

Do you make food with themes for holidays and seasons? It can be so much fun, especially when they are easy to make! Food just makes everything extra fun, doesn’t it? We use food in learning activities and games sometimes and my kids love it! I also love making themed food to go along with our current learning theme. My kids LOVE it! And it is so much fun! All of these pumpkin themed food ideas need to happen ASAP! Because, yum! And they go perfectly with a preschool pumpkin theme.

Kids will love these pumpkin themed snacks! They are simple to make and make a fall party even more exciting!

Fun Pumpkin Themed Food Ideas

I mean look at all that pumpkin fun! The worst part is going to be picking which one I want to make first!! Sweet? Salty? Healthy? They’re all included!

Given the choice, my kids wouldn’t agree with it, but snacks for preschoolers can be healthy!

Check out these Mandarin Orange Pumpkins that are a fantastic alternative for children with allergies or if you are trying to reduce sugar!

Peanut butter is always a treat in itself, but add it with a pumpkin theme and I am sold! And these peanut butter pumpkins look amazing! Happy Peanut Butter Fall Ya’ll!

If you have a need for treat bags, this Fall Snack mix is a great idea! This is perfect for a class or work party too!

I’m sure we’ve all tried traditional hummus with vegetables, but have you tried pumpkin hummus? It is a little healthier twist on a sweet dip and I can’t wait to try this pumpkin hummus!

Appetizers make or break any party. One of my go-to’s is a cheese ball and I can’t wait to make this pumpkin cheese ball!

Step up your veggie tray with these adorable pumpkin carrots! These would also be super cute inside a chicken noodle soup!!

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These pretzel pumpkins make take a few extra minutes to make compared to some of the ideas above, but they are just too cute! Kids will love to help with these too!

Another quick sweet treat (and low calorie at that) is this pumpkin fluff. It is delicious with crackers or cookies..or with a spoon!

I just love dirt cups. Most kids I know do too and adding in the fall pumpkin touch makes them even more delicious, right?

Rice Krispies are one of my favorite treats to make for a large group. They are incredibly simple to make, inexpensive and delicious!! These pumpkin rice krispie treats are a must at your next fall party!

I love making chocolate covered pretzels for holidays and this pumpkin idea takes the crunch!

If you are a cupcake lover, these are the ones for you. These pumpkin cupcakes would be prize winners at your Fall get together!

Perfect Pumpkin Recipes: A Charming Holiday Pumpkin CookbookPerfect Pumpkin Recipes: A Charming Holiday Pumpkin CookbookPerfect Pumpkin Recipes: A Charming Holiday Pumpkin Cookbook


These pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins are a fun way to add Fall to breakfast or brunch!

We love gifting bread to friends and neighbors. We do this often for Christmas time, but this Pumpkin Bread makes me want to start a season early!!

Another quick snack to have on hand are these No Bake Pumpkin Oatmeal Energy Bites. These are great to carry on the go or give to kids for school lunch!

Who doesn’t love mini treats? I love these mini pumpkin pie pops!

Breakfast needs pumpkin love too! Check out these pumpkin french toast sticks.

If you are having a fall party with kids, these activities are super fun to accompany these delicious treats!

Pumpkin snack recipes kids love

More Pumpkin Theme Activities for Kids

Three pumpkin crafts with fine motor decorations. White pumpkin with gems, pumpkin decorated with pom poms, pipe cleaner pumpkin
Kids will love exploring pumpkins this fall with a hands-on pumpkin unit study! Use pumpkins for science, math, STEM, literacy, art and so much more!!
This free pumpkin patch I Spy printable is a perfect activity for counting with preschoolers. Plus, I love the scavenger hunt option. It will be great for when we go to the pumpkin farm.

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