These free skip counting printable puzzles for winter will make a wonderful addition to math time this month!

winter skip counting puzzles math activity for kindergarten

Jaida, my first grader, thought that these puzzles were a lot of fun! It also challenged her because the puzzles weren’t as simple visually as some that we have done in the past.

There were a few times where she thought that she had the puzzle put together correctly, but there was a piece leftover. That meant she had to read the numbers out loud to see which number was missing. So in a way, not only was it good practice with skip counting, but she also got some practice with missing numbers while skip counting.

I think next week we’ll pull these out again and see if we can do some timed ‘tests’ to see how fast she can put them together now that she knows what the pictures look like.

winter skip counting

All you need to do is print the puzzles on card stock and/or laminate them for durability. If you are only going to use them one time you could probably get away without the card stock and laminating, but if you want to use them multiple times, you will definitely want to make them more durable.

In the past, Jaida has enjoyed taping and glueing these into a notebook like an interactive math journal.

winter scene puzzle

For an extra challenge you can mix multiple puzzles together and have your students sort them while they put them together.

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winter skip counting puzzles math activity for kindergarten
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