Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy with this Free Food Tracker

I wish that I had learned how to make good food choices when I was younger. Now, I am reaping the results of years of poor eating habits. I don’t want to see my children go through those issues, so we’re working on learning what good food choices are, when to have treats, and how to keep it all in balance. This free food trackers is a great way to help kids eat healthy without shaming, but allowing them independent choices.

My older three daughters have been in charge of selecting their own breakfasts and lunches for several years now. We eat dinner as a family almost every night, but with a special needs child and so many other things on my plate, it just makes sense for them to do those two meals themselves.

Of course, they choose from the options that I purchase, but sometimes they make some unhealthy combinations or quantities.

One child in particular sees nothing wrong with eating 3 (yes 3!) peanut butter, honey, banana sandwiches in one sitting because she is “hungry”.

This free printable food tracker can help her easily see that by eating 3 of those sandwiches she is using up all the grains that she should be eating for the day. Now she is pretty active, but it’s still too much since it is only one meal.

To use the food tracker print it out and laminate it.

After each meal, have your child put a checkmark in the boxes for the kinds of foods that were eaten. You can also have them take a look before they eat to see what they need to catch up on (like fruits and veggies) or need to eat less of (like grains).

There is even a place to track their daily vitamin.

Because my five-year-old has Rett Syndrome, it is very difficult to get her to eat a well-rounded diet. She will not eat any fruits and is limited on her dairy and veggies as well. So she needs a daily supplement like like our sponsor, Zarbee’s Daily Children’s Vitamin.

Zarbee’s vitamins are formulated with 11 essential vitamins like A,C and B12, made with fruit pectin, all natural flavors and sweetened with honey. Which is especially great since I don’t want my daughter to eat a lot of extra sugar or artificial ingredients when I’m having trouble getting her to eat eat healthy.

food tracker daily tracker for food groups

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